Bloggy Brunch Week 17

These past two weeks have flown by and I’m a little relieved that it’s over now. We ran around doing a ton of things that kept us very busy. We did quite a lot while Justin was here and there at the very end we tied it up tight by having a good dinner at Outback and taking a few walks. A couple calm down days and then he was off to the plane and sent back home. We missed him the second he left. It’s weird when his bubbly energy was gone all of a sudden.

I haven’t been in a mood to pick back up where I left off.  I’ve been extremely uninspired and less motivated lately to do things blog related. But I want to remain diligent to continue to blog and keep my work going despite all the distractions.

I would like to spotlight my co-self love queen Raewyn and her website Shield Sisters Initiative and her amazing podcast that is gaining listeners by the day. Megan and Raewyn have had some amazing guest speakers, if you haven’t tuned in so far I would encourage you to do so. I’ve enjoyed all her updates and videos in this group as well. You can find the Where Passion Meets Truth on iTunes, Stitcher etc. 

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