Bloggy Brunch Week 14

My blog is about to get real good again. I was surprised when I realized I have only missed 4 posts in all these weeks since this new improved blog started! I’m so proud of myself and my hard work. A few of those posts were made when I was sick as a dog too so for that I’m glad I could push through. I would love to invite anyone who wants to- if you’d like to guest post for me (anytime soon) on basically anything lifestyle or marriage or pet related. Just please email me at {}
Let’s jump back into this linkup, I gotta say it’s one of my favorite things every week. I hope that you enjoy being here and sharing what you’re up to as much as we do! Please tell us if there’s anything more you’d like or something to change? 
This week I’m going to guesstimate that we are going to have many more people link up this week too. I feel like I haven’t had much to say these past few weeks but that is about to change. 
Lots of fun stuff coming up including more pet posts, maybe a home tour?? (long overdue) and some style/seasonal fashion posts. I have some work to do on this here blog but I hope that you’ll really enjoy this place and thank you for all your love and comments. 
I’ve been so busy and gotten so much done that I feel bad leaving all you hanging! We are getting a new car tomorrow!!! And surprise Justin is coming back to visit this weekend from Kansas for two whole WEEKS! So yay lots of fun adventures gonna happen, stay tuned…..And per usual I will be on social media. And ::snapchat:: because hey girl hey- #memories

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