If you’ve been hanging around with us lately well than I am so glad that you’re here. Basically I wanted to preface this by pointing out that all of our lives have changed somewhat recently and it’s cause for some shifting. Pamela is a new mom and great lady boss, she is amazing at maintaining her brand and paying attention to her readers. However now with a new baby she’s just trying to keep her footing. I still think she’s super wonderful and I’m amazed at how she’s kept up in her Facebook groups and been able to prioritize things so far. We are all having a lot of trouble staying on top of everything at one time. Raewyn is trying to balance being a mom, self love queen boss as well as juggling literally tons of creative projects. I am, also no stranger to these things. Life caught up with me lately. We had our friend out from Kansas which was a blast but shook me off my writing and creative train and sent me back to apps like Snapchat and taking pictures of the moment. (If you aren’t please go follow me every where else on social media as well so you never miss out!) We were having so much fun by the time I got home I would crash and burn and literally head to bed. SO I’m hoping this is turning a new leaf and getting back to what I enjoy so much!

I ‘m starting a new delayed venture… a virtual business website! Yes I am still reaching for these things. I’d love to assist women in managing their crazy schedules on social media and be a sounding board for projects and ideas. I would love to be a extra hand in any facet I can be to those who are slaying their own websites, blogs and businesses. If you are interested email me here: vanoraspaulding@gmail.com and we can figure it out together.

I guess the point being, we are having a shift in the way we run Bloggy Brunch here on the blog. Instead of every week on Sunday it will become a once a month linkup on the last Sunday of the month. To share and create and encapsulate all the things you want to still show us about your month. This can be one post about anything you’re most proud of: A cooking post, a day in the life or routine post, a favorites post with product links or anything that is weighing on your heart. Of course we are not changing the format or order of it; or the main rules we have for it. Those will remain the same and we continue to ask that you abide by them and share with others so we can grow and keep it going!

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