Why I decided to become a Virtual Assistant

Learning Programs

I’m hoping through the process of it all which began way back in January, when I rebranded and envisioned something new for this blog. I started out with design in a tiny sense of the word- I learned a few components from my blog designer who created this beautiful piece on Etsy. I could customize certain aspects and so as I began writing I did change a few key parts. This continued to learning MailChimp, Hootsuite and Buffer now so my blog can reach more people who might enjoy not only my writing and personality but my insight I have from my life experiences. I know of a lot of helpful programs I’d love to look more into like ConvertKit for down the road, more designing programs like Adobe products and scheduling tools like Tailwind and BoardBooster. There are a ton of helpful programs and sites that VA’s use to make their work more efficient. Hopefully I can get some help in this department and make some moves to expand my own knowledge for my portfolio. In addition to doing it for the work side of it- I also just haven’t learned much in a long time since leaving school. Pushing myself to know more and learn to broaden my horizons is a good idea in any respect.


There’s nothing better than waking up everyday to do something that you love and enjoy. I find myself in this blessed place that I have a unique situation that lends to some job flexibility. I should work and honestly, I want to do something to earn money. But I also know I could not stand and flip burgers all day and be stuck in anything that doesn’t bring me the slightest bit of joy. I know most people on this earth are not that lucky and usually have to slump through the work weeks just to earn a living to do what we all have to in the first place. But since, I am outside that scope- I want to always know I’m doing things that make me thrive and bring me peace at the end of the day. Being passionate is something I will never give up.

Helping Others

I have seen so many people swallowed up by having too many side hustles or ladies who can never focus on one thing because so many ideas consume them (good and unique ideas-of course)! So I’d love to be the one who steps in and helps them slay the digital world while they have to work that 9-5 or tend to that growing, loving family or write a book or podcast. Mainly my objective is to free up as much time for them as I possibly can while still giving them the progress they desire. I’m a writer and social media addict by heart so doing those things in addition to doing my own is something I became very interested in the more I heard about it. Since then I’ve watched, gathered materials and joined groups all about Virtual Assisting and asked quite a few questions of a few that I know are successful in it.

Earn Money

I, like many others would like to be paid for my hard work and I feel I deserve what is fitting based on knowledge and quality of work done. Basically anyone doing any kind of hard work whether it be hard labor or digital tech stuff- you want to have compensation for it. In my special circumstance I’m using my earnings for more programs, upgrades for my blog website and any kind of materials I may need for my Virtual Assisting site. I offer fair prices and don’t intent to rip off anyone in any way. I’ve eased into a few easy beginner jobs slowly as I learn. So I want to get the hang of a few things will potential clients before I dive off any deep ends.

Love Being Online

I started an online social media life in late 2005 with MySpace when I moved out right before I graduated. It was my first experience really being on my own (at a friends place- I felt watched over but not over-protected). I felt like I had a chance to meet other new people and be my best adult self. I was always checking in and tweaking my profile, updating the factoids and taking selfies. I opened a Facebook a few years later to befriend old classmates who I had moved away from and lost track of in my life. I followed along the years as Tumblr and Instagram came out as well as Pinterest and Twitter (in whatever actual order). Being online is fun to me, seeing inside someone’s world and connecting to others in a new way.

Networking With Others

Working with others as my friends and coworkers in the blogosphere is one of my favorite things. I love hearing other peoples’ ideas and goals, their vibes and what they want to accomplish. I love to hand out my help or some advice wherever I possibly can. I know that working online is somewhat of a joint effort in that when I don’t know how to do something I can find someone to teach me or to pass it on to another person better suited. Building clientele is also usually done by word of mouth and passed on from networking with others. Plus, it’s a great skill to have in any case, from blogging to VA services- you can learn a lot and bounce ideas off each other.

If you’d like to contact me for any VA services or collabs please email me at vanoraspualding@gmail.com

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