March Goals and Intentions

This past month was self-admittedly not much progress on my goals, it just didn’t happen. I guess to be fair- some did improve and some didn’t stick at all. But besides that, I do still want to work on them so I’ll try to pick fewer and focus on them more routinely. These are the few from last month that I chose to focus on and from looking I got about half of them accomplished. Better than nothing at all I suppose!

February Intentions Recap:

A) Book review- Feisty and Fearless and You are a Badass
   -Read every night until You are a badass is complete, put status updates on Goodreads
   -review on Goodreads rate for other readers book 2 for the yearly challenge
B) Get 2 VA clients and get testimonials from those clients to build brand
   -Promote the VA business in groups, on social media, and through word of mouth and referrals
   -Create design for infographics for VA business
   -Try to gain one new small skill for services
  • I tried to get on this one however I was sidetracked when I got some re-design efficiency advice. So I started to overhaul my VA page and took it down for the time being while I figure out my direction and purpose. I did promote it before however I got this advice from a professional in the field. I’m going to try to get ahead on this and drive through for Virtual Assisting. 
C) Keep my blog successfully written 4x a week
   -Draft a week in advance ( I kept up but not ahead in Jan. )
   -Stay on top of Hootsuite and social media for my blog/VA
   -Vary topics weekly-pets, life, linkups, and more!
  • Writing consistently? YEP CHECK! Until this last week, I was totally written every M/W/F/Sun in February. I’m proud of myself for keeping to this one it’s been hard but I did pretty well. I haven’t scheduled social media quite as much as I should have for visual means. I’m working on that one still. I’ve done well with varying topics as well- trying to stay and not widen too far but my categories up top are pretty spread out. I haven’t drafted a week in advance (right now I’m catching up) but I’m motivated so maybe this month. 

Goals for February (done):

I did connect with friends more.// I definitely wrote more in my Instant Happy Journal and also started journaling through free writing.// I’m just starting to re-organize my online life, photos, and emails (which I need to do again). // I kept the blog successful by writing regularly. // I did ‘meet’ some business connections in groups on Facebook and others. // We also managed to keep the house in a clean state of sorts. //
Now onto this month:


it’s been a huge doozy let me just tell you…Family concerns, basic depression, anxiety, and boredom. So here’s what I will manage to try.


  1. Read nightly for 30 mins
  2. Less time on the phone- Saturday social media-free
  3. Drink more water
  4. Refresh VA page and set up for new clients
  5. Use Fitbit for daily activities and monitor sleep
  6. A Chargeable water bottle and use for monitoring intake
  7. Write one review, one pet, and one marriage post this month
  8. Possibly do home yoga on youtube or video
  9. Meditate daily
  10. Show love more, listen and be patient, breathe and stay calm


A) Blog regularly: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday (linkup)
-post to social media, including all needed links, newsletter connections, and VA info
B) Overhaul the VA page and do one trial run for testimonials with new packages
-design package graphics and set up terms/information
C) Read another book, finish Miracle Morning and write a review this month.

Okay well I hope you all have a very good week, email me with any questions or if you’d like to collab:

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