Friday Coffee Date

If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… This week has flown by. I don’t know where the time is going. March is almost over and I’m not ready for that yet. I’m hoping time will slow down so I can get my goals back in order and strive harder for them.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I felt a little lost in my blog this week and I took a step back (while getting posts out late and unreliable) I am challenging myself to get them up anyway. Consistency is K-E-Y! I’m trying to become more inspired and bounce ideas off everyone and everything- but all the while keeping my priorities in order.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you…  I’m bonding with my husband more lately through some kinda rough days. We haven’t been on the same communication wave length for awhile now and I’m really trying to have a patient ear and pause before responding to keep our tiffs at a minimum. It’s been working well so far and I feel a lot calmer. I know he sees me trying and we’ve been in happier spirits lately.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I’m still worried about the health situation with my mom. I haven’t talked specifics and I won’t. But she’s alone and older and her body is starting to fail her. Getting around daily and taking care of herself is a chore everyday. I’m thinking positively for her and trying to keep in good contact as much as I can.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I’m so excited for spring and the weather has been trying to change lately. I can’t wait to feel the sun beam on my skin again. We’ve had some crazy confusing extreme seasons but I’m ready to get back to hot days and warm nights.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you…I have been obsessed with the Keurig that our roommate got. We’ve been using it more than he has and I’ll tell ya- it’s amazing. We have a serious pod collection and I am loving all that I can make with it. Coffee, tea, iced tea, cocoa, etc. It’s great! My new favorite is this one !
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I’m sorta dying to get back in the gym soon because we took a long break after Sean got sick and we have a break (didn’t pay gym fees last month) but I am dying to move around and get my circulation flowing. I know I could walk, jog, run etc or do at home workouts but I feel like I can really grind in private at the gym and it’s hard to do anything with two weenies running around.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… That I’ve been slaying the Netflix game and I’m so excited that Grace& Frankie is coming back again for season 3 in a week! I just watched Cheer Squad and I screeched and cried through the whole thing. I can tolerate that though being ex-cheerleader myself, it brought back all the right #feels
What is your favorite show on Netflix right now? Have you seen something you liked a lot that you didn’t expect? Tell me.

 If we were on a coffee date, what would you tell me? What are you doing lately? How is life? And how’s the weather where you are? I guess I should be thankful (I think) that the snow is gone.

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