Bloggy Brunch Week 11

Hello and welcome everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! My own headspace has been a little bit all over the place. I already talked about my mom I believe but she’s having some just getting older/daily care issues so we are trying to reach out and help her some. It’s been somewhat of a battle.
I’ve been trying to work on recreating a page for my VA biz and making the most sense of these service packages. I think I have a good process going but we will see because I haven’t ‘tested’ them yet. I’m also trying to get my newsletter off the ground so I’ve been posting it at the end of each post.

This week I’m choosing Inspire the Best You post on “What depression and anxiety means to her
because I believe in how important it is to talk about mental health. Depression and anxiety have these negative contexts but why are they that way? It shouldn’t be. There are so many people suffering and being quiet about it. It only exacerbates the problem and doesn’t solve anyone’s’ issues. I’m proud that she is talking about it and opening up her blog for conversation. I am a survivor/fighter of someone who took their life. I will miss him everyday but I believe in getting help when you need it. Talk to ANYONE. It will immediately make you feel better, relieved, less bogged down etc. If you feel you need to- always calla crisis or help line because they are always there 24.7 to help when maybe it’s not enough. I want to link this article that I found on Facebook the other day as well- it was moving from both perspectives. It impacted me in ways I didn’t realize, take a minute to read it and pass it on.
I also think people underestimate anxiety and what it does to those who fully have it in any capacity. I have been told I’m exaggerating, being pathetic, making it up and so on. I am not.  There is no choice involved in this which ails me, if there were I would not be choosing it. Or tolerating it each day. I was previously on medication personally and I didn’t always think that it’s for me. I ebb and flow, some days are worse than others but I also highly value life a lot more over the years and would never do anything to hurt myself even in those darkest moments where I have been before. I hope you seek help if you need to and know I’m always here for you. Privately email me if you’d like.

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