My Dogs Think They’re Human…..

If you feel like I do about my pets then you’ll understand why I wrote this. I love these dogs like our kids because well they are (at least for now). The dogs mean everything to us and after a few years of trying situations with a few dogs, it never worked out for one reason or another. Not enough space, couldn’t potty train after several attempts, and aggression behavior issues- we then found our forever dogs. W technically didn’t adopt them but have in the past and I 100% believe in the “adopt don’t shop” attitude if you can. That’s to say sometimes I don’t think it’s a good fit with little ones and again, dogs who have previous behavioral issues. But we got lucky and they have over time turned into great little dogs.
These are all the reasons they think they’re just like us in one way or another. They push their limits and can be so frustrating but we love them so much. It’s been a fun wild ride- comment below if your dog, cat, or other pet does things like this.
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My dogs think they’re human because I want to dress them in baby clothes and they don’t mind it. They want to be warm and cozy and I buy them often accessories like hats and scarves. Maggie doesn’t mind it and Bouncer tends to hate it. They have had Christmas sweaters a couple of times and rain jackets when it gets really cold and wet. Usually, they like it when it helps keep them dry and comfortable. I taught them how to “dry off” and wipe themselves and their paws on a towel, so now I just saw the towel and they know to get excited to dry off. It’s very very cute!

My dogs think they’re human because I love to talk to them like actual people. I tend to sometimes have full conversations with them. It might sound pretty weird but I’m truly friends with my pets.
Talking to them makes me feel like they are a part of my family and I treat them that way. Honestly, and I’m not crazy I think they could be reincarnated- maybe not from people I knew but I do often feel my old dog’s spirit when they are near me and look at me the same way she did. It’s uncanny. If you think I’m nuts- then whatever but it’s happened a lot so I know I feel it.

My dogs think they’re human because they sleep in our bed with us! We have a queen-sized bed and they steal the covers. Most nights they kick us in the back and push me completely off in the middle of the night. But I love having them close and cuddling them like kiddos.

My dogs think they’re human because they get baths, not only to keep them clean but the whole process is humanistic. I usually use warm water and lots of soap/bubbles. They get the biggest cushiest towels. They shake and get cuddled after being “wet and tortured” (ya know, it’s the worst thing ever!). I kiss and hug them and make sure they are fully dry-often by using the hairdryer which Bouncer thinks is a game and Maggie just gives in and gets a “fluff”.

My dogs think they’re human because  I buy them presents for the holidays and have celebrated their birthdays as well by making them puppy cookies from a recipe I found online. They get stockings at Christmas and we (try, although they hate it) take them places if we go somewhere nearby.

My dogs think they’re human because they get to eat a few human foods. We don’t condone a lot of snacks or treats besides dog ones. The only things they get rarely and by that I mean like 1-2x a month or so. They love eggs which are good for their coats, nails, and eyes. And popcorn, sometimes they get a few morsels from us having some and I don’t think those can hurt them. Not once have they choked or coughed or gotten sick from those things. We don’t give them a lot of meat or ANY bones at all.

My dogs think they’re human because they watch and communicate (bark/growl/tilt heads) at movies and pet shows. It is the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen when a dachshund tilts its’ head. I know they have their own little language and can talk back and forth. I don’t think they always understand it all but they have feelings and an excellent sense of sensing others and that energy. Every year for major holidays or whenever they play the Eukanuba Dog Show, they just have full attention and love it! It’s funny and we all vote on our favorites. Usually, the small dogs/toy group wins our household over.

My dogs think they’re human because they steal pillows and blankets and own whatever couch they may be laying on. It’s theirs and they won’t be moving without making a huge fuss. They have their own set of blankets that I wash and cycle through so they aren’t lying on the same gross hairy smelly blanket. It’s nice when I take it out of the dryer and wrap them up in it. Sleep is imminent. They know what the owl blanket and the pink blanket are, that one has a footie pouch that Bouncer particularly loves to cuddle in the bottom.


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