February Goals and Intentions

If you’ve been around for awhile following me since The Petite Mrs blog or prior you’d know I love doing goals and intentions posts. It really one of my favorite posts to write because they motivate me through the month. I don’t ever do perfectly on them and I check in often but I definetly get more accomplished when I know what expectations I put on myself. So for February these are some points I want to aim for, most are simple daily routine things I want to get on top of. The intentions at the bottom are my biggest priority.


  1. Read nightly/complete a book/review it
  2. Less time on phone, Sunday media free
  3. Talk to friends more
  4. Make more business connections
  5. Drink more water
  6. Write more in Instant Happy Journal
  7. Keep house neat
  8. Use planner weekly/daily
  9. Stop biting my nails 
  10. Get 2 VA clients (one mini successful-12/31/16)
  11. Get active/go to gym 2-3x weekly
  12. Keep blog successful 4x a week
  13. Organize online life/pictures/data/documents
  14. Use Fitbit regularly
  15. Use my resources available to me (how to’s/planners/checklists etc) to set a plan for routine


    A) Book review- Feisty and Fearless and You are a Badass
       -Read every night until You are a badass is complete, put status updates on Goodreads
       -review on Goodreads rate for other readers book 2 for yearly challenge
    B) Get 2 VA clients and get testimonials from those clients to build brand
       -Promote the VA business in groups, on social media and through word of mouth and referrals
       -Create design for infographics for VA business
       -Try to gain one new small skill for services
    C) Keep my blog successfully written 4x a week
       -Draft a week in advance ( I kept up but not ahead in Jan. )
       -Stay on top of Hootsuite and social media for my blog/VA
       -Vary topics weekly-pets, life, linkups and more!
    I hope I can check most of these off the list and feel more accomplished overall in the new month of February. I’m hoping to get you to share your monthly goals as well. Leave any exciting ones below!

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