[Book Review] Feisty and Fearless: Nice Girls CAN be leaders

This is the review of Feisty and Fearless on Goodreads.com: Goodreads Review
A few words about it and what others said:-
“In Feisty & Fearless: Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders:

• The characteristics of effective leaders
• 14 Exercises to guide you through your work in becoming a more effective leader
• Discover that Caring is one of the keys to authentic leadership

Read stories of women leaders:
• An artist who empowers children
• A successful CEO who puts her family first
• A divorced mother who reinvented herself to provide for her children
• An actress turned successful business owner who heals a family rift
• A child leader
• A company leader who thinks empowering others is her main job
• A world-renowned expert and author who puts her ego aside
• A feminist who lets nothing stop her in her work to have women learn how to be safe

“Wow, at last! Here is a feminist voice that covers discrimination of all colors and sizes – bigotry against women, Jews, immigrants, having red hair, too little money, and too much, fat, bossy. The list is endless.” Carolyn Howard-Johnson, award-winning author of Imperfect Echoes

“We all have a back story, the failures and the poor decision making we recognize when we look back on our lives, and Pauline Is refreshingly frank about her own ups and downs. Her determination to step up and show responsibility is a practical manual in leadership skills which will inspire and motivate many women.”
Karen Abrams Lawyer/Lecturer, U.K.”

Here are some questions that Raewyn of Shield Sisters Initiative (book club in part) put up on her blog when we had our discussion. 

  1. Ok, to start, I want to know what words stood out to you the most in the title? Feisty and Fearless: Nice Girls Can Be Leaders I think Leaders stood out to me because I don’t often see myself as a leader. I don’t step up to the plate and usually fall somewhere towards the middle as an organizer or follower of a project or way of thinking. 
  2. How do you define leadership? Did it change as you read the book?  Leadership to me is taking the reins and standing strong no matter the cost, also sounds a lot like bravery to me; I suppose they are one and very similar. 
  3. Which leadership traits do you possess? Courage, responsibility, integrity risk-taking openness, listening, engagement, empowerment caring  responsibility, integrity, openness, engagement, empowerment and caring
  4. Which of the leadership traits do you think you need to work on? Courage, responsibility, integrity, risk-taking, openness, listening, engagement, empowerment, caring Courage, risk-taking, listening
  5. Which leader from the book did you connect with most? What other leader role models do you have? Ria Severance because she was working in the job field I would like to be in and juggling a very successful and busy lifestyle and family. I don’t have many other good positive role models in my family/friends. I would say my blog tribe is a good pillar of support and examples. I don’t believe I have many. 
  6. What was your favorite quote?  “Mistakes and failures are everyday occurrences, but if you try to be perfect and hold everyone on your team to a similar standard., the results will be anything but perfect. We learn what works by finding out what doesn’t.” -page 37 of 95
  7. What were your overall thoughts on the book? I never really thought that a book about being a “leader” would be for me. I’m not too much into the ‘marketing yourself in business’ kind of books. Self-help is another story I’m 100% behind those, hell I need them. I am, however, a nice girl who wants to be more confident and gain skills for being a leader (at least for myself). I always wondered why I was not a stronger leadership type and truth is,  I never learned it or had to. And when I did have the option to practice being a leader I just stayed in the back as a member of the team. So I figured I’d give this book a chance of giving me some insight. The start of this book was very slow and confusing because she started with examples that seemed to lead nowhere. She mentioned a bunch of women who are leaders in different ways of life. However, overall, I did find it useful and worth the read. I saved quite a few motivational quotes and bits of it for when I need the inspiration to keep moving forward. I like the author and have heard good things about her and other pieces that she’s written but this wasn’t her strongest. Although going back through the book the exercises inside each chapter at the end were helpful in deepening my leadership spirit. 

If you’d like to read and answer these questions or just out of personal sharing feel free to! I’d love to hear what you have to say. 🙂 

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