Bad Habits I Need to Change in 2017

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Biting my nails

I’ve been a chronic nail-biter for years and I’ve mentioned before how I don’t know why I started it. I think it’s stress/boredom related but I haven’t pinpointed it yet. I need to cut back and usually have fake nails on but instead, I need to stop it. So my nerves need to go somewhere- I’ve tried the stinky nail polish and all that mumbo jumbo, but none of it works for me.

Not answering people back (mostly calls/emails)

Usually, I will text like cray, cray. But I’m not a good phone caller or emailer- usually, my email grammar and dialect are nothing to be desired but I’m working on it as I become more professional. I don’t feel very confident or comfortable being on the phone. I don’t know why I have had so many bad experiences on the phone so I equate it to that.

Not cleaning up after dinner/dishes never get into the dishwasher

It’s easy to get caught up in making food and eating that by the time you need to clean the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. But a good way to keep your kitchen clean constantly is to do them directly after you eat or as you cook. And if you clean them or pile them in the sink, they can live there for hours or days (sometimes longer). But if you don’t want your house getting stinky with dirty dishes then try to make a habit of cleaning your kitchen before bed.

Going too long without shower/dry shampoo on 4th-day hair

I am not a disgusting person I promise but sometimes it takes me an extra day or two to pull myself together. Dry shampoo is a miracle worker my favorite one to use is this one by Living Proof   OR (this one by Amika). Perfume goes a long way but I feel a million times better after a hot shower with some wet body moisturizer and shaving those legs (after winter leaves us-ha ha) So creating a daily routine is definitely needed in my life sooner than later.

Never using my brand new planner

Speaking of making a daily routine- this is where and when my new beautiful planner would come in handy. I don’t have hourly time commitments but I’ll use it more for all my daily to-dos and appointments I may have. I need to incorporate colors and washi tape to motivate me more. I do really enjoy the goals part of the planner but I need a wider, space for daily and not as much for weekly or other areas of my life. Writing in my plans for my week is a good practice so I need to keep doing that. What do you do in your weekend that helps during the week?

Never hang up my clean clothes

Doing the laundry is one of my favorite things but putting them all away for over an hour is NOT. I hate the tedious manner in which hanging up all my clothes except my pants and pajamas takes all the time in the world. I hurt my back usually doing it, I’m short so it’s a lot more difficult and I try to set up a system to get it done quicker. I put everything on hangers on my bed, I put away all my under-things and socks (same for my husband’s things) and then I grab a step stool so I can then put it nearest the side of clothes to put up first. All the while, however long it takes me I am normally listening to music or podcasts or an audiobook on my Amazon Echo Dot. I have been attempting a color-ordered wardrobe so wish me luck to keep that up.

Not drinking enough water

I despise drinking flavorless water. Tap water-yuck. It has to be cold and not taste like nothing. by eating green, leafy, and watery veggies and foods that contain water of their own. I avoid drinking plain water as much as I can. But I can drink it if I’m really needing it (my body craves it) and if I’m honestly feeling hot or dehydrated it’s the first thing I will do. I use water enhancers to combat my detest for mucky ‘ol drinking water. I love lemonade and berry flavors. You can instead buy an infuser but I have a very nice smart water bottle so I use that one.

Writing posts last-minute/procrastination/preoccupied brain

And lastly, this post is very last moment but I hope it’s helpful and fun to point out some great things that I (and maybe you) want to change for this year. I procrastinate with the best of them by watching hours of a silly show that won’t change my life. Or often spending hours looking through social media at bloggers and people I don’t know and won’t meet. I put too much emphasis on this in my daily life so it’s time to break that. Often I think I am a master at multi-tasking. I have indeed learned I am not. I like to pretend I am and stay busy while darting around my computer, house, and through my phone but it isn’t very productive and hasn’t gotten me far. So while I wish I could do ten things at once; I’m sure mommies and daddies wish they could too. One thing at a time that’s my new rule. And it’s proven itself here.
The End

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  1. It is great to identify the bad habits, and to take steps to change them 🙂 I also did this in 2017, and I made sure to create goals around changing them:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's so difficult. This is exactly what I do. But just try. A glass a day. Two glasses a day. I have been drinking 8 oz every time I go to the bathroom as a routine to start drinking more. Or at commercials. And especially during exercise! Good luck!

  3. Amazing article!!! I have so many similar things I need to change. Definitely need to stop procrastinating, and drink more water. Thanks for reminding me lol

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