How I Met The Man of My Dreams

He and I met through my best friend Ashley (seen below) and now I see just how fate came into play, it was really good timing. 
One very rainy afternoon (when I was sick of seeing my ex around the dorms) I wanted to get out and have a girls day so she suggested that we get together and do something. Random adventure right? I think not.  Ashley asked if she could bring along Sean (who was our mutual friend’s ex at that time) and Ashley’s boyfriend was coming along too. We decided to go to Powell’s Books in downtown Portland. Ashley had to get a few things and I figured I could shop some or at least spend time getting to know Sean. I started talking to Sean and we soon veered away from Ashley so we could have some privacy. Right after that, I decidedly told Ashley that I was interested in him. It was so quick but we had a lot in common and he made me laugh- that’s why I fell in love with him.

After we left Powell’s we wanted to grab a bite to eat before heading back to hang out. When we walked into McDonald’s I couldn’t think of anything except how bad (romantically) I wanted to be with Sean. I mean why not really, we had both just gotten broken up with/broke up with. So I accidentally blurted out how I wanted to ‘take him home and show him the time of his life’ or something like that. And just then, stupidly realized that I said it out loud and I turned bright red. I laughed my butt off and then was thoroughly embarrassed. I know it was totally inappropriate and never ever did I speak like that before. We talked alone some and laughed like crazy over Ashley and Paul’s undisguised attempt to leave us alone for a smoke break. So then, after an offer of your place or mine, I decided to stay home after I knew I had school the next day. Which was honestly a huge bummer because I really just wanted to stay near him. 

If I had gone over that night sadly, I think it would have turned into a one-night stand and I wouldn’t have wanted a real relationship. After all, I was ending another one at the same time. But a few days later, we did meet up so we could hang out and we talked all day long. After a day or so, I found myself falling faster than I ever have before, never wanting him to leave my side and talking all night until I dropped the phone from exhaustion. We were somehow immediately connected and I don’t know how that ever happened except fate. I think he is my true love from the very start despite what awful innuendos came out of my semi innocent mouth.   

We dated an excellent 9 months before I honestly knew he was “The One”. Both of us just knew it would be a ‘forever thing’. We both feel we saved each other from the doom that we wished to escape with each other’s help. I was no longer settling or finding the wrong type of guy. He was all I needed and had many more qualities that I was wanting in a partner. He became my safe place. Now I always say “he’s my safety, my trust, my one true love”. (And he’s lived up to it to this current day!)

On July 10th, 2009, he proposed at a Starbucks outside over coffee and I said yes! As we told our parents, with some slight reservations they agreed and knew it’d happen sooner or later. So as we decided what to do with our lives, we discussed the Army and what great benefits it would have for us. Surprise again- it became a six-week wedding! Only a month longer, we started planning our special day on Aug 10th. We planned on having the wedding on September 10th, 2009, but as it turned out they were busy that day and our wedding date September 19th, 2009 happened by accident. The date was ideally perfect and I like to think that happened for a special reason too. 

Then we ended up moving to Gresham by Mt Hood CC, we decided to start attending church at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. After planning for six weeks: we had a cake from Fred Meyers, our colors were announced as Turquoise, White, Silver, and Black. And we had the rings picked out from the jewelers, table decorations, bridesmaid dresses, flower-girl dresses, and silk flowers made up our do-it-yourself decor. We handmade our invitations on my mother-in-law’s computer and printed them all off at home. Target is where we chose to be registered for the wedding. The procession programs the morning of the wedding and my dress had finally gotten finished, along with getting all the men’s suits, shoes, slacks, and ties in order. Everything was done! There was a guest book and light food would be provided afterwards potluck style. Everything had turned out just perfectly.

Our day arrived and we were married! It went accordingly to plan for the most part, (our cake melted and the family was a mess). It was still and always will be the best day of my life! The day I chose to marry the man of my dreams and I continually choose him daily.

I miss my dad and wish he were there for our big day. It was amazing! Exactly how I had pictured the day all my life. Except for different colors, but in the end, I loved it and it was all I wished and hoped it’d be. I think Sean really loved how everything turned out as well. I’m thankful we had a family to help out at that time as much as they did and upset that some didn’t help at all. It taught me you don’t have to have a million-dollar wedding to be happy. Just to be married to the one you want to spend your life with- that’s all it’s about. Love. And fate…


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