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If you’re new here- I’m Nora Spaulding (as you may have guessed) and I’m genuinely so excited to have you.. I want you to really understand what I’m trying to do here. Hold tight and I will explain everything! You can follow me on social media in the meantime, grab a cup of coffee/tea/favorite drink and read closely.

And if you’re returning and following along from The Petite Mrs blog then I must graciously thank you. It means a lot that you took a few moments to resubscribe, follow, bookmark or add me on my new social media. Those you can find to the right of the screen, I’m working on a few more fun places you can find me without making it look messy.

I write this lifestyle blog. I cannot say I fit into any one niche or have set topics because I don’t. It’s a little all over the place but I can tell you what you can expect to see while you’re here. In the description of this blog, I’d say it’s generally advice, general everyday lifestyle (mish- mosh of daily posts), a little marriage, pets, food/cooking, beauty/reviews/hauls, lots of good intentions/goals and stories from my past. I starting writing because it makes me feel good,… whole. Blogging has been a part of me since 2010, one year after Sean and I were married. I began a blog called “Two is better than One” (yes from the Boys like Girls song)  I wanted to share our newlywed adventures and inform family and friends on how we were doing.

Soon it morphed into making posts just for fun and I discovered the life of blogging. I only talked to a few selected people, but was constantly on the computer engaging in posts on Google Reader and stalking everyone’s social media every moment. The more I learned about it, the more time I wanted to spend writing, guest posting, getting designs made and making it all look nicer.

Over the years, I got antsy and changed the title a few times. First there was Two is better than one, then This Little Love, after that it was Nora Maybelle and finally The Petite Mrs which I used for a couple years. But I feel I outgrew it and I think it was sending the wrong idea. I’m not just a wife. I’m very proud and happy to be a wife of seven years but that’s not all I am. This will be a sacred piece of the web even more raw and personal, happy and positive (with all that I have). I’ll allow myself to change, grow and be determined to make 2017 better than 2016.

So this blog is a discovery of who I am in each and every little way. We’ll be talking and sharing lots of things with each other. My main objective has always been to be transparent and relatable. This word keeps popping up recently, I’m not sure what I even mean.  Commonality through my blog is important and to feel like we are close friends. While remaining and being very reliable here on my blog with a posting schedule I can stick to and hold up on my end. For the most part I’ll be posting 3+ days a week. Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays and Sunday with a linkup a co-host called Bloggy Brunch.  You can see the rules and guidelines over on Pamelas’ blog Hodge Podge Moments *I recommend following her anyway because she’s incredible!* This post by Pam will explain what it’s all about and what the simple rules are and they’re the same every week. We are also accompanied by Raewyn again as well. It’s a great way to share, be sure to comment on others and be seen by lots of fellow bloggers. The first one of 2017 went live yesterday- go check it out here now.

We are off to a good start for 2017 and I want to continue the momentum with nothing but positivity. January Goals coming up next on Wednesday! I’ll always share each blog post to social media a few times the morning it goes live. So be subscribed or be on the lookout for new posts from me every M/W/F and Sunday!

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