Currently: January

Today I’m bringing you an oldie but a goodie in the blogosphere. I’m sure you’ll recognize these. I used to write them monthly on my last blog if you followed me there. Sometimes it’s nice to check in mid-month and see how everyone is doing. It’s just a post that floats around as an ongoing linkup to a bunch of random questions and sees what we are all into currently. I hope you’ll join up with me and share what your current favorites are.

Currently: January

Eating: All the Hot Pockets. Not healthy I know honest but I’m stuck on them for some reason. I’m also a sucker for ice cream right now which I don’t often indulge in, so Haagen Dazs Dark Chocolate ice cream bars with almonds on the outside… mmmm been my little piece of heaven lately. 
Drinking: Coca-cola, but I’m trying to down my water- I do much more water drinking at night 🙁 Still working on that habit. I’ve also really loved my Tazo teas so I’ve been drinking hot teas a lot when the weather has been terrible lately. 
Listening To: I’ve been back and forth with music, podcasts, and audible books as well. It’s been keeping me busy! I’m loving I Do It With The Lights On by Whitney Way Thore I’ve listened for hours twice and am almost done with it. I’m also waiting to read Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.
Watching: Teen Mom 2, Crossing Jordan, and The Real Housewives of…. (Beverly Hills) it’s pretty tacky and awesome! I’ve been enjoying all the entertainment that I’ve been taking in. I have TONS of recommendations if you need any. Or if you have any for me… leave them below! 
Reading: I’ve failed on the ‘reading’ front this month so far… but I’m still trying to read “You are a Badass” and finish it sometime soon. My plan was to read at night but my nights have turned into mornings and I haven’t made it a priority. 
Wish-Listing: A bigger bed (yes we just bought a queen) Tempurpedic adjustable base bed BUT with the two dogs in the bed (Maggie hogs the bed, so so bad) and it’s NEVER enough room. I have a simple financial wish- SAVINGS, debt-free, and Travel. All things I want to make happen somehow this year. Let’s hope! 
Thinking About: How much I should read, journal, and be productive all over. So I started with this blog post. Yay! 
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  1. Hello! I am reading your post through the #SundayBrunch link up, which I just joined. I am currently addicted to Teen Mom 2 as well, and I just started watching The Bachelor while waiting patiently for the new season of Greys Anatomy to come on Netflix. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts soon! -Kayla;

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