Bloggy Brunch Week 1

Welcome to the first edition of Bloggy Brunch linkup 2017! 

I’m so thrilled you could make it and if you’re new here don’t hesitate to jump right in, leave a link and be sure to leave love on other posts you enjoy! I know to most of you I’m brand new (or here’s a refresher). I’m Nora, 27, living in Sandy in the PNW and loving it! I’ve been married for 7 years and counting to my wonderful and supportive husband Sean. We have two dachshunds Bouncer and Maggie who are featured here quite often. They’re adorable and it’s pretty great having them be our fur-kids. I’ve been blogging for 7 years now and I’m so excited to be back on Blogger and on my own personal URL.

I hope the holidays were good to you, it was a pretty good season for us too. We enjoyed time with my in-laws and extended family. And we also played in the snow that came twice during the cold weeks of snow and ice. Everyone here in the house (roommate and his girlfriend included) went out for a few ventures out in the ice and that made it a nerve-wracking kind of adventure. Luckily we got chains for our Prius (too light, skids) before it gets too bad into the coming months. Now let’s hope it doesn’t suddenly stay a warmer season. Six inches was unbelievable for me to see. It was pure beauty of nature and I took a lot of pictures for proof.
I’m thankful for having my ladies (Raewyn, Pamela) join me again in this link-up and I think it’s fitting for a relaxing, around community Sunday type of post.
Tell me below What your favorite Sunday activity is? Or non-activity?

This is where each featured post from the previous week will be. 

I hope you have a lovely first week of 2017 and please let me know if you want to see any certain topics. Welcome to my new space, I’m so blessed to have you.
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