5 little things that drive me crazy

Everyone has pet peeves and some people let it get to them- I personally try to not let it get to me too much. However, I do want express some displeasure with these points below. Everyone has their pit-falls or viewpoints/stance on things, these are mine. I have experienced them all and I’m sure you have too… The little things people in our society do that rub you the wrong way. Things people do that make you wanna shout at them-but you don’t because you don’t wanna go to anger management. These are the ones that irk me like no other and I can’t stand about and just whine. So I’m writing them down in hope someone can relate and express their (ahem anger) feelings with me as well.


If you are running late have the kind decency to text me, call me or send a carrier pigeon to let me know. So I’m not wasting all day waiting with a (cold) hot coffee in a Starbucks nowhere near where I live to come ‘meet you’. When we make plans-do not cancel the same hour we are supposed to be hanging out or doing something together. Should you need to cancel, please have a good reason and tell me at your earliest convenience (also so I’m not waiting for you to not show up). Don’t be late to be somewhere when you’re expected to, it’s not polite.


Having a dog is a big responsibility (what you’re parents probably said) and it’s true after the cuteness wears off. And side note: if you don’t have money and time to care for a pet, you don’t have any reason getting one. It’s a living thing and deserves being treated as such: like it matters to you. If I find your dog poop on the staircase, on the lawn, in the middle of the sidewalk or near my door step- I will just lose it on you. It’s not cool and should be against city codes (it actually is, just not enforced by officers). I’m sick of seeing people not take care of their pets and all that comes with it. You should get a fine if you’re so careless and don’t have any respect for others and property. Just thoroughly annoys me is all- I can’t stand it.


Since when does it take you a million years literally to check out my items? Do you have to tell me your entire life story? The one about how you lived in NE and had a job waiting tables in a small cafe outside the city. Until you found out your were pregnant with TWINS and then they came early! So your mother in law moved in to live with you and you married a prince and lived happily ever after… It’s not anything personal, honestly. But I’d like to just get in and out and not listen to your very long, sad story. (This shouldn’t be taken out of context. I love talking to some clerks and cashiers but I get this one gal EVERY TIME I’m at Target and she talks for an hour, fiddling with my things… let me leave.)


I don’t appreciate rude people on the phone, or in the restaurant  industry. I dislike bad service with crappy attitudes and not getting the food and bringing the food quickly and then ignoring our table. I will NOT tip you if you do not put any effort in. I’m not here to pay you- but I’ll reward you with extra if you’ve earned it. I absolutely do not like it when I have arguments with the “bills and telemarketing” people. Please just be kind and listen to my problem and if I ask for a manager- GET me a manager promptly.


Everyone assumes from time to time-it’s a misunderstanding that we all occasionally do. But if you always assume what others are thinking then you have no idea when things are wrong. And it’s wrong because then you’re totally misinterpreting their intentions. It also kinda makes you look rude and like people can’t trust you. Plus it makes an (ass) out of (u) and (me)… ya know the “other golden rule”?
Well I hope you enjoyed my little mini rant if it was just that-I don’t know. Not entirely what I intended but it is what it is. I’m not gonna apologize for having certain few things that really bug me. 
What are your pet peeves? The ones you cannot stand to watch or experience. Those ONES! Tell me all about it below and if you’ve written a post lately- drop a link below. 
 Thank you as always- love and appreciate each of you! 

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  1. I hate it when people are late. A girlfriend of mine is ALWAYS late when we meet to go out together. For example if we say we'll meet at 7 pm at a parking lot where one of us always leaves her car and we drive together from there, I will be there at 6:55 pm and she won't be there until about 7:15 pm.

  2. Oh gosh, ever since I moved to eastern TN, the chatting with cashiers has THROWN me off. People around here chit-chat way more than they did back in California. It's probably just their Southern hospitality, but MAN, sometimes you just wanna get outta there!

  3. You should have heard me the other day when I walked into my apartment after taking my dog on a walk. My husband and I pick up her business every. single. time. We'll even go out of our way to find a bag if we don't have one, because I hate leaving it just sitting there. And so, while walking to throw her teeny tiny doo doo away (barely even worth picking up that day), guess what I stepped in? That's right a fresh, warm pile of poop. In my new shoes. I was livid, girl! If you can't pick up after your dog (which is a complex rule), then you shouldn't have one to begin with. I'm glad you're with me on that! 🙂

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