My Shelter Dog Story: Rosie

Wanting A Companion

Early on in our relationship, we always wanted pets. I wanted to feel a bit more protected when Sean was at work or if he wasn’t there, say at night. I wanted a dog and I suppose I jumped at the idea so fast and started looking right away. Right away I got on the adoption forums and looked at a bunch of local shelters. We were looking for a good fit and a long-term dog- a lot of dogs I’ve browsed were older and some were handicapped which didn’t fit with my ability at the time.

Within the first few days, I fell in love with this sweet face, Rosie. She was a black lab greyhound mix and she was about a year old. We went with his dad to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter (MCAS) to go see her in person. When we went in we fell in love; she wasn’t skittish or shy, she was pretty warm and wide-eyed. She was welcoming and happy but not crazy excited and didn’t seem too loud for a young dog. It didn’t take long and we knew we’d want to “save” her and bring her home with us. Really the only concern was her getting more training which at the time we knew we could do since we lived at the park blocks in Portland. We signed a bunch of papers to care for her including any warning signs for behavior- with a young dog there weren’t any known. She was already neutered and we had to keep up on annual shots. Signing actually took forever we were there for hours. We were handed a bag of food and her basic care goodies. Sean’s dad was waiting outside and getting her in the truck was a feat but once we did, she loved it and was a bit anxious.

The Brightside

We got her home and things went well right off the bat. She was a sweet personality and tried to discover everything around her. We spoiled her a lot and got her a bunch of toys and things to train her mind and entertain her. There was this squeaky, fuzzy, squirrel toy. It was her absolute favorite. Being a greyhound, she was a long lengthy dog and didn’t know what to do with her limbs. However, she was a big cuddler and I was all about it. She shed a bit but the hair was so fine that it wasn’t a big deal. And what a goofball, silly personality she had, it made us laugh at her constantly.

The Downside

A few weeks into us having her, caring for her daily, and being her outside for walks and potties, we noticed that she’s A) a puller, and B) a barker; being a puppy, and also very vocal. So that was a negative for us- we should have started training but didn’t with me in school and really did not have the extra budget or space for it. The more we tried to help her and cut her off the behavior- the more we didn’t know what we were doing and the worse it got.

BIg Dog, Small Apartment

We started to feel bad that she was inside a lot and not being socialized and also didn’t get training like we should have gotten. So after about a month or two, we decided it was probably better she had a bigger yard and someone who could really dedicate the time to train her. Although we knew these things and the risks with a larger-sized dog- I just wanted to make it work so much. I felt really bad about my choices however it was great having her while we did. And granted, she was a young dog so she would get readopted right away.

We ended up taking her back to the shelter and relinquished her to their care, I felt awful to do it but the 400 sq ft apartment wasn’t fair to her and I realized that too late. We signed all the papers again to give her back and we cried because we really loved her, like a lot. Even now, we get sad wishing we had been in a better spot to keep her. But it was for the best, in the end, a lot of people may disagree or judge us for our failure to think about the ramifications in the beginning. I have to say I was only 19-20 years old and I just very flippantly wanted a dog. What I realized was; really all I could handle and have time for was a cat, so later on we did that and it worked out much better. I know for a fact, via our conversations with the shelter that she was adopted almost immediately after (within a week or so) to a family with a large backyard. I was glad she got a second chance and thrived I’m sure.

I would say there are a few basic questions to answer before you go looking for a pet- specifically a shelter dog;

What time constraints do you have? Are you a 9-5 worker? A student? Self-employed or have someone to watch them if you’re away during the day?

Budget: What are you expecting to pay for all goods and services? Adoption fees? Food and care costs? Shots- those can be spendy too. Neuter/Spay if not already? Medical costs down the line- tests and treatment can also be expensive and add up fast.

Can you train (do you have time to?) or will you hire someone to train them with/for you? It’s important that a dog, especially a young dog get the basis and knowledge of how to behave and please the owner so they can be safe and loved at home and out in public.

Grooming: This is another smaller topic because some dogs need a LOT of grooming. Whether that be daily brushing, baths, or de-shedding and others don’t need much at all or any in some cases. But this should also be a point you think about when bringing your pet home.

Anyway, I hope you learn from my mistakes and really think about each of these things before bringing in any dog or animal that might not make sense for your lifestyle. I know much better now and although I’m not a perfect pet parent- I do what’s necessary and needed for the wellbeing of my pet and we do the best we can. Thanks for letting me share her with you and drop any comments or shelter dog stories you have below. Let me know if you have a shelter dog you’d like to feature for my Pet Story of the Week series.

Friday Favorites #16

How is it already the middle of freaking October? Like that seems unreal- right?! It was just March when I last blinked and here we are decorating for Halloween and ending the year almost. I’m trying my very best to get ahead and share lots of great new relevant content. I have big plans for content ideas and engaging with you here and on social media.

Recently our life at home has been extremely quiet except for the waiting period of getting our turf installed on our property. Supposed to be this week but I’m really thinking next week is more realistic. Anyway, here’s some faves to distract us from another week racing by us..

Favorite Videos

Truth or Drink Part 2 with my boyfriend: RemLife 

iOS15 tips and tricks, hidden features, and more…

How I’m feel ing before leaving Toronto +fall clothing 

Favorite Posts

What to do when you really, truly, absolutely, no-joke must concentrate

8 things to do while stuck inside 

Cheesy Broccoli Casserole from Spend With Pennies

Favorite Pictures

4 ideas to make your marriage stronger


Self Care Secret ♥️

Favorite Products

Sticker goods and more coming from SleepyUnicornStudio

Double-Sided Heavy Duty Tape Multiuse/Removable 

Cozy Fall Knit Mug Coozy

I am so excited to share all these great faves with you! Let me know what yours are below! Thanks for coming by today and reading along.

Halloween Episodes of My Favorite TV Shows

Trying to get in the spooky mood? Looking for a cozy, thrilling show to watch? Want to binge all night in a seasonal vibe? I have collected a TON of episodes and series that will help you do just that. Honestly, I am much more of a TV show viewer than a movie buff. So when it comes to particular fall and Halloween episodes, I can remember many that were my favorites and some new series I have also featured below.

Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror (2021): Treehouse of Horror XXII

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Halloween episodes:

(all on Hulu)

911: It’s a show of shock factor inspired by real events. Plays on Hulu and most On Demand providers.

Full House: The best Halloween Full House episodes from Bustle Plays on Hulu

Friends Halloween episode: The One with the Halloween Party HBOMAX

Greys Anatomy: List of Grey’s Anatomy Halloween episodes

GHOSTS: a brand new show on CBS and paramount+, an inherited mansion is riddled with eras of ghosts, a comedy about a couple moving in and make a B&B, Samantha can see the ghosts and It makes everything 10x more hilarious!

If the episodes above aren’t enough for you or aren’t your style- here’s a ton of entire shows to put a chill up your spine:

American Horror Story series (too scary for me, but you might love it!)
Charmed (old version or new)
The Vampire Diaries
Being Human: UK/US
Buffy the vampire slayer
Unsolved Mysteries
Twin Peaks
Pretty Little Liars (makes ya jump)

I think that about wraps it up for me! I am definitely in the Halloween tv mood now after listing these all off. I know most of these are older tv shows but I haven’t noticed a whole lot of Halloween episodes lately besides the Cupcake and Halloween Wars on Food Network which you should also check out if you subscribe to that channel. Sometimes ABC will have Halloween decorating ones as well, search for those too if you’re interested.
Boo! I got ya.

Let me know which ones you watch or have seen and which are your favorites?
Happy Fall and Halloween to come!

10 Halloween Date Nights At Home

When the weather gets cold but you wanna stay inside bundled up with your significant other-what do you do? There are plenty of things to do inside for a date night that can be just as fun and exciting as going out. What have you done recently or are planning to do together in this season? What is your Fall dream date?

Halloween Movie Marathon:

Gather some blankets, grab some popcorn and get cozy! Pick out a movie from a list of the classics or go down this list which is a great collection of family-friendly movies from IMDB

A few of my ultimate favorites to watch are:

  • HalloweenTown
  • HalloweenTown ||
  • Twitches and Twitches 2
  • of course HOCUS POCUS
  • Casper
  • Casper and Wendy
  • Corpse Bride
  • Coraline
  • Ghostbusters
  • Practical Magic
  • Edward Scissorhands

Hot Food Bar:

This option is very multi-directional- so many ways to make this “bar” pick and choose what you want, to be so much fun. All different types of candy, a hot cocoa bar with sprinkles and marshmallows and whipped cream, a nacho bar with all the toppings, and a baked potato bar with every fixing you could ever want, as well as fondue with any choice you like; sweet or savory.

Beer/wine tasting:

If you want a fun and distinguished kind of date, you can try a flight or variety of a type of alcohol (wine, beer, hard liquor) and see which ones you like best. Like going out to a bar or brewery but an easy swap for doing this in the comfort of your home.


Who doesn’t LOVE a S’more? Plenty of ways you can make this super cuddly and fun! Try a different way kind of chocolate or add something like a pretzel, to give it a salty flare. Test different size marshmallows too. If you have to use indoor resources only try baking them for a few minutes instead or microwave!

Make a cozy fort and have a picnic in your living room:

PIle up all the cozy comforters and blankets in the house and drape them over the sofas, tables, or what have you. Don’t forget the pillows, body pillows, and poufs to rest your head or feet on. Then make a Charcuterie board or a small picnic of favorite foods, with a side of wine or apple cider, and have a pretend night away from home.

Do an activity together by candlelight/flashlight:

Play and challenge each other by assembling puzzles, building legos, playing a game. My husband and I have bonded over building Legos which are so fun, slow, and creative. If you have a group of people games are always a blast to play together like Monopoly, Risk, Jenga, or Cards Against Humanity. Card-specific games are easy to play with just two people.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Drink-Food-Activity-Dessert:

Play Rock Paper Scissors and whoever wins chooses whichever category is that turn. This is so new and fun to me you could play this in a variety of ways. For directions on a drive or choosing what movie to go to etc/

Take a walk and see the fall scenery:

Bundle up in chunky sweaters and boots, walk hand in hand adoring the fall leaves, puddles, the gloomy skies, and the chill brisk in the air-have hot cocoa in hand to complete the autumn vibes.

Drive around to see all the Halloween decorations:

Make a Halloween playlist and listen while you drive around to see everyone’s decorations. Maybe have a contest to see who’s is the scariest or most EXTRA. Make ballots and rate from one to ten on who has the best-decorated house (Fun to do with kids!). Go into a new neighborhood and look at the pretty houses and get a feel for a new place. Sometimes it’s fun just to do that.

Dress up/costume night-for Halloween:

Pay along and be a kid again. Dress up and put on a costume for pure entertainment. Decide whom you want to be and maybe get creative to make the costumes together as the date or go to the store and pick them out together with all the accessories. Go trick or treating if your neighbors allow it!

Carve or Paint pumpkins together:

Go to the store or pumpkin patch (that can be a date itself), pick out the pumpkins you each like in any color (white ones are the cutest, dark green variety too!), then make sure you have all the tools to carve and/or paint that you need, lay down plastic and go to town opening them up and gutting them or picking a design and painting it as best you can- pumpkins don’t have to specifically be “faces”, use that creativity and make something beautiful.

I hope these are helpful ideas for making your fall more cozy and romantic while creating lasting memories. What have you done this season so far that is maybe not on this list? Tell me if you had any of these adventures and how they went or what you did differently.

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My Shelter Dog Story: Rosie

Wanting A Companion Early on in our relationship, we always wanted pets. I wanted to feel a bit more protected when Sean was at work

Friday Favorites #16

How is it already the middle of freaking October? Like that seems unreal- right?! It was just March when I last blinked and here we

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