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This month is already half over! Who else didn’t feel like yesterday was Valentine’s Day? Because it felt weird to me. We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day but we have so many other dates in the year that we buy presents for and celebrate loving each other. So yesterday we simply spent the day at home together and Sean made me dinner. He used to make this wine cooked chicken when we first dated so he decided the night before to suggest making it again. And the side of corn which was yummy too.  It was so delicious! I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day and a good week so far.

Reading…  I finished Feisty & Fearless a few weeks ago so I have started the second month of Book Club for SSI. This month the book that was chosen is Miracle Morning, I started it and got a few chapters in so far so good.

Wishing… It was Spring. It’s starting to warm up a tiny bit and I’m excited to enjoy the warm weather and nice spring/summer clothes. My closet is screaming at me and things wanting to be worn soon.

Writing… I have been writing and blogging steadily and it makes me very, very happy to know that I’m being consistent with it. I enjoy sharing my life and thoughts with you.

Watching… I just finished watching When Calls The Heart and it was so good. I enjoyed the first two seasons and can’t wait for more to come to Netflix. I just started a show called “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” and it’s kind of a comedy spoof show but I like it. BREAKING NEWS: The Golden Girls is on HULU. You should run not walk to go watch it now!

Listening… I’ve been still stuck on audio books. I bought a few new ones I’ll share the titles with you. I STILL need to read You are a Badass. I keep getting into new book and I really wanted to read Miracle Morning so maybe next month!
-Talking as fast as I can by Lauren Graham
-Troublemaker by Leah Remini
-Seriously, I’m kidding by Ellen Degeneres
-BossyPants-Tina Fey
-Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
-Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Planning… Lots of exciting projects coming up and hoping to guest post and collab with more people! I am loving this blog and where it’s headed.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! 

I hope the end of your week was lovely and productive, mine wasn’t quite as progressive as I would have liked. Like I said last time if you’re new here I love this link-up. I adore Krysten and Lindsay so you should definitely go follow them and be sure to link up every friday to this wonderful community of bloggers. 
1. Valentine’s Day chocolate
3. texting in BitMoji’s to my sister or friends
5. Kindle Unlimited-Miracle Morning
6.Doing my laundry to a good playlist
7. still loving my Instant Happy Journal
8. YouTube marathons with new vloggers I’ve found
9. Writing lists (like this one!) or using 52 weeks of Happiness book
10.Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, 5.3 Ounceespecially when I need it
 There’s not a lot of new things happening in my world besides trying to get all my posts out on time. I wanted to tell you that my newsletter edition one was LIVE last week so the next one will be on Valentine’s Day so sign up now if you haven’t yet. You’ll also get my first opt-in which is a beginners checklist to writing blog posts so there’s nothing you forget! I found it very helpful and I use it to this day to make sure every post is complete before I hit publish. I have lots of neat things coming up on the blog so stay tuned! Be sure to link up with these gals on their blogs! 
*****Also if you or anyone you know needs Virtual Assisting for your blog or business, please let me know! I’m taking clients now! Or email me at

GTKY with Belle Brita January

Getting to Know You is a monthly interview series that Brita created after the dissolution of Guys Behind the Blog. While Brita and her husband both answer the questions each month, feel free to use these questions to interview anyone in your life! Or just share your own responses. Link-up goes live on the last Tuesday of each month (or any day you choose to link up*). 

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Here’s the questions she provided for this month.I’ll be writing as much as I can in great detail for myself and to be clear in explaining to you what I did or did not do and everything I’m hoping to accomplish in the future. 

  • What goals did you accomplish in 2016?
I was decently consistent and if anything I realized how important that is for a blogger. After checking my numbers off and on, you can clearly see and notice follows and engagement alone based on consistency of posts. People get bored and confused waiting and checking to see if you have a post out or not. If you aren’t on a schedule of some kind- they will never know what to expect and when. I was clear this year starting off saying 3-4 times a week (maybe more?) is the precedent set here this year. These are easy tasks for me to accomplish, 3 great solid posts plus a linkup at the end of the week. Our linkup goes live on every Sunday (Bloggy Brunch) and if you’re curious, please come link your favorite past or present post with us.  
  • Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Why or why not?
I didn’t set any resolutions. I think the second you call something a resolution then it probably wont happen or be brought to fruition. I can call them goals or intentions (see this post) and be successful by them and true to myself. I have a lot of things I want to follow through with and make happen this year. I have a lot to achieve so hold on tight for the new ride that will be 2017.

  • How do you work for what you want?
I try to work hard and steady. I tend to give up and quit too easily but I’m aware of that now and don’t want to do that anymore. Otherwise my dreams won’t come true if i keep kidding myself. I want to make a schedule and meet my goals. And not let myself fall by the wayside in the meantime. By creating small goals and attaining each step as it comes. It’s the best thing to do! 

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself having lots of growth and thriving in most areas of my life. I want to have our home life, routine and budget in a better place. We have a lot to do in 5 years time- which can pass very quickly. We need to get a professional budget planner and we are wanting to do that sooner than later. I hope we can be close to getting a home of our own or owning a rental property. My marriage is a goal of mine, to be stronger and more in tune. We are at a good place for being seven years later but being more connected is always good. I just want to be happy, healthy and blessed. Which I know I will be. 
This was a very deep helpful questionnaire by Belle Brita blog and I felt great about answering these questions. 
Getting to Know You | Belle Brita

Happy Friday

 This linkup is one I took part in on my old blog and I often did for the past few years. I really enjoy it and it helps me to be positive about my week. I wanted to share it with you in hopes you’ll link up and find new blogs you like two. I love these gals!

1. You Tube videos
2. Blogging
3. KEURIG donut shop pods!
4. Instant Happy Journal
5. Brainstorming
6. Vaping-I got a new mod! It’s PINK!
7. Reconnecting with old friends from Vancouver
8. wavy curly messy hair
9. Netflix binges 
10. FIRST sponsored post coming in March* YAY!

I’ve been watching a boat load of YouTube videos lately and I’m very very excited about it, I follow a lot of great lifestyle and beauty videos so I’ve been spending lots of time watching/listening while I work (like right now).
Blogging has obviously been huge to me lately. I’m staying on top of it and have ONLY missed one or two posts this month. I’m really, really doing well on my goals as far as that goes.
Our roommate got a Keurig- here’s a short story: Husband never cared for Keurig, didn’t understand the hype I guess, thought it was too expensive etc. But then- he tried it. And his mind was changed! We went to the store and got a variety and now we are going to try to cut our soda with coffee and tea and of course more water intake. I’m so excited-I have some favorites!
I’m using my Instant Happy Journal daily and I was behind at one point so I’m trying to get caught up with it and enjoy each prompt. I really love this style of journal writing and would  highly recommend this for any new writers out there.
Brainstorming new posts and things for friends online has become more easy so I’m excited to start my new Virtual Assistant services. And I hope to help you all start or continue with your blog or business.
I got a new vape mod and it’s PINK. I use it for stress and I’m not an avid ‘smoker’. (Judgement free zone) I chose a Midori Sour e-juice and I’m really liking it a lot,
Lately I’ve been reconnecting with old friends and people I knew years ago. It’s neat to know we are all in different spaces in our lives and can come back together after so long.
My hair is really fun to wear wavy and curly with my unicorn (grey, purple and teal) hair. I have been using my straightener to make waves in my hair and I’m enjoying it. I also have CurlFormers and I really enjoy them too.
Netflix marathons are a REAL THING lately, I’ve been watching a lot of new shows and bouncing around between them. When calls the heart, Crossing Jordan and lots of crime documentaries.
I have an opportunity to do my first ever sponsored post in March, I’m very excited and looking forward to it.
Thank you so much for linking up and reading this post!

Here you can find a list of the Happy Day linkups!

Currently: January

Today I’m bringing you an oldie but a goodie in the blogosphere. I’m sure you’ll recognize these. I used to write them monthly on my last blog if you followed me there. Sometimes it’s nice to check in mid month and see how everyone is doing. It’s just a post that floats around as an ongoing linkup to as a bunch of random questions and see what we are all into currently. I hope you’ll join up with me and share what your current favorites are. 

Currently: January

Eating: All the Hot Pockets. Not healthy I know honest but I’m stuck on them for some reason. I’m also a sucker for ice cream right now which I don’t often indulge in, so Haagen Dazs Dark Chocolate ice cream bars with almonds on the outside… mmmm been my little piece of heaven lately. 
Drinking: Coca cola, but I’m trying to down my water- I do much more water drinking at night 🙁 Still working on that habit. I’ve also really loved my Tazo teas so I’ve been drinking hot teas a lot when the weather has been terrible lately. 
Listening To: I’ve been back and forth with music, podcasts and audible books as well. It’s been keeping me busy! I’m loving I Do It With The Lights On by Whitney Way Thore I’ve listened for hours twice and almost done with it. I’m also waiting to read Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.
Watching: Teen Mom 2, Crossing Jordan and The Real Housewives of…. (Beverly Hills) it’s pretty tacky and awesome! I’ve been enjoying all the entertainment that I’ve been taking in. I have TONS of recommendations if you need any. Or if you have any for me… leave them below! 
Reading: I’ve failed on the ‘reading’ front this month so far… but I’m still trying to read “You are a Badass” and finish it sometime soon. My plan was to read at night but my nights have turned into mornings and I haven’t made it a priority. 
Wish-Listing: A bigger bed (yes we just bought a queen) tempur pedic adjustable base bed BUT with the two dogs in the bed (Maggie hogs the bed, so so bad) and it’s NEVER enough room. I have a simple financial wish- SAVINGS, debt free and Travel. All things I want to make happen somehow this year. Let’s hope! 
Thinking About: How much I should read, journal and be productive all over. So I started with this blog post. Yay! 
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GTKY with Belle Brita

*taken from her linkup* 
Getting to Know You is a monthly interview series that Brita created after the dissolution of Guys Behind the Blog. While Brita and her husband both answer the questions each month, feel free to use these questions to interview anyone in your life! Or just share your own responses. Link-up goes live on the last Tuesday of each month. 

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  • Make sure you link the relevant post, not your whole blog page.
  • Check out a few blogs while you’re here, and leave at least one comment.

How have you become a better person this year?

I don’t think per say I have improved on myself as much as I would have liked. I kinda fell back into a lot of old bad habits and became lazy in it all. I tend to let my emotions take over in most everyday tense or stressful scenario. I want to work on ALL these things. 

What do you think about creative outlets? Do you have one, and if so, what is it?

It’s great for your soul. Everyone needs an outlet to balance their life in one way or another. I definitely think this, blogging is my creative outlet! I am enjoying new things such as reading lots and brush lettering as a new skill. I have planned time to read at night for 30 mins to an hour and make it a priority to review the books. 

In a perfect world, what would be your top 5 priorities in life?

1. Buy a house
2. Have a happy, loving, successful marriage
3. Have a herd of dogs 😉
4. Have a blog that brings in supplemental income
5. Have a great group of friends who love and respect me

What do you want to improve about your life in 2017?

I want to have so much more follow through in this new year. I’m going to enjoy my passions and make my life more balanced. Goals are my big to do this year so I’m gonna create steps to achieve them. I want to get healthy with diet, fitness and water intake. We started by going getting a gym membership and I’ve been blogging steadily all week. I’m already on the way to accomplishing what I hope to as long as I stick to it!

Good Luck! Talk soon.

You can link up here: GTKY with Belle Brita

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