Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Welcome to Happy Friday! Each week, Krysten from Why Girls are Weird comes up with a list of ten things that have made her happy this week. So I always join in because it’s a favorite part of my week being so thankful and grateful. Having a hard week? Coming up with a list of happy things can help turn that frown upside down.

If you wanna play along come join us and share the photo below in your post and mention I sent ya! This is such a fun thing to do and really makes you reflect about the events and turn out of the week as a whole and as a sum of the parts.

  1. Getting a J-O-B! I’m so excited and thrilled to try my hand at retail in this small boutique. I’m sure I’ll have updates to come….
  2. Christmas movies- I watched so many this year on Hallmark/Christmas channel, it was sooo worth it!
  3. Good music! I’ve been having some jams and if you listen to Spotify- make sure you grab the 2018 most listened playlist. I have some saved bops on there that I’m excited to keep on repeat (for now).
  4. Doterra Oils- I’ve been using mine daily for so many things and man they sure help.
  5. Cooking more at home, I want to find more easy slow cooker recipes which chicken or beef because we eat those protein the most (feel free to link or drop ideas below)
  6. Finding a great candy shop at the mall- buy a jar for 12.95 and refill every time unlimited for 9$. It’s a great sweet random treat!
  7. Writing. Period. I’m so into journaling and spilling my guts out lately. I highly recommend starting a writing routine. Bullet journal, regular journaling or morning pages, blogging- any of it! It’s great for your mental/psychological and emotional state.
  8. Iced coffee and donuts in the AM with hubby. It’s been a great little morning wake up everyday with fresh made coffee.
  9. Wireless phone charger! It’s so convenient!
  10. Puppy cuddles and fuzzy blankets! They’ve been super needy and I love them sooo hard lately.

What made you happy this week? Share with me in the comments below

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Happy Friday! This is a linkup that happens every Friday on Why Girls are Weird website and her site is amazing anyway so go check her out-tell her I sent you! I love her space and I find that I learn a ton from her and she’s a genuine gem too! So if you’re at all interested then be sure to go link up and write your own Happy Friday list of anything that made you smile, laugh or enjoy your day through the week. Be sure to grab the picture on her blog or at the bottom of mine.

  1. Late night chats with one of your BEST friends
  2. new chamomile tea in your favorite mug
  3. glittery waterfall phone case (so it will work on my wireless charger again)
  4. Calm Premium- great meditations, great music, great sounds to fall asleep to and also bed time stories
  5. my HP ENVY 360 laptop! I’m in love with it and here I am blogging again! #yay
  6. inspirational quotes and motivational sayings
  7. Fall/Winter B&BW candles (although I didn’t get the French baguette one I wanted really bad)
  8. BLOGGING! I’m so happy about it, hopefully I’ll have some more holiday content here soon, let me know what you wanna read about
  9. Sean making pot roast in the crock pot for dinner tomorrow (I’m so excited!)
  10. Spotify premium-new account, new music!

what made you happy this week? 

Happy Friday V30.6

Happy Friday V30.6

Happy Friday people!
I love joining into this positivity filled link-up series. I’ve written about my happy points of the each week now for years (on and off). I do consider Krysten a dear friend and I’m very inspired by her and her blog.

If you want to play along, snag the picture at the bottom of my list and share it on your own blog.

1. watching Alex Inc. 
2. Blogging
3. Going out to lunch with friends
4. writing to-do lists
5. cleaning and organizing
6. fresh notebooks
7. reading cuddled on the couch
8. finding the cutest nail polish in Ulta called “#mood”
9. doxie kisses
10. Starting Yoga with Adriene
 Now it’s your turn! What made YOU happy this week?

Currently: June


I haven’t been reading much lately except my planner and my phone. I have plenty of titles to choose from- it’s just a matter of choosing. Who’s on Goodreads? I am here. I have a whole list of titles I should be reading but I want to dive into 50 ways to yay! & LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK (someone please get on me about reading more often!) 

Surprised by: 

How fast time is flying by! It’s June already and I just cannot fathom that half of 2017 is over. The older I get the quicker it seems to fly by. I’m 29 now and things feel very real and serious. Like I’m a real adult now- there’s no denying it anymore. How does time passing and getting older feel for you?


Anywhere! I’m really having terrible wanderlust… I can’t help it. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve traveled any place outside Portland. So it’s driving me a bit batty! Most of our concerns are budget and kenneling/pet sitter. It’s a whole big thing we haven’t figured out yet. If I could I’d go to any of these places I’ve saved here…. T  R A V E L  on pinterest! My favorite of all is GREECE. I don’t even know what there is there except lots of history and beautiful architecture. So I’m dreaming about it until I can be there..


I’ve been blogging a lot recently trying to really regain a grasp of what I aim to do for my readers and put out great quality content. The template for this blog was just changed so I’m also filling out the pages and contact again. I hope you like what you’ll see.  I’m starting to seriously look into what I can do to begin the VA biz and get things rolling. If you’re interested in any  basic VA social media management services then please contact me at [vanoraspaulding@gmail.com] and we can speak further. 


EVERYTHING. OITNB is back on Netflix, I just watched Trolls for the first time yesterday and I love it. If you’d like to see a What I’m Loving on Netflix soon- please comment and let me know. I love to write those and I’d like to share what is new and new to me that you also might enjoy! Also tell me if you’d like to see more ENTERTAINMENT posts here and I’ll start writing them more. 


The weather. It’s weirdly cool for middle of June and I don’t know what’s up with it lately here in the PNW. We are usually either warmer or cooler than everyone else in the area but we are staggering our own records. It’s been off and on rainy for weeks. I enjoy the sun rays on my face but we’ve only had about two warm-hot days so far. Can we have summer now please? I do enjoy a nice hard rain though and it sounds lovely on our roof. 

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Happy Friday 5/19/17

This week has flown by and I’m happy to report it was a wonderful week. I got so much done and I feel very accomplished and organized. I have been in better communication with friends and family too. The good news is that Sean got his old job back at the vape shop and we are excited about that with any extra income on the side. I have been in a good (better) head space to get more things done around the house and in general.

This weekly linkup is every Friday to share all the little, sweet things we enjoy and make us happy during the week! I’ve been writing and joining for years with the amazing Krysten from Why Girls Are Weird and seriously her blog is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! encouraging, truthful and relatable! Be sure to check it out! And she started this incredible support blogging group on Facebook and it’s one of my TOP favorites! So check that out here too and come join us! Facebook group here: AuthenticBloggers .

Without further ado, here’s my list for this week (typically 10):

  1. HelloFresh box
  2. “Dishes are done man!” (quote the movie!)
  3. Laundry got put away and hung up, vacuumed the bedroom and tidied the closet
  4. Panda Planner
  5.  AJ and Aly are making new music!! YES it’s about time!
  6. LuLaRoe clothing is collaborating with DISNEY (2 yr contract) [who’s excited!?!]
  7. apple juice {because yum!}
  8. big blog plans and editorial calendars
  9. my mophie xxl charger, it’s my tech saver- as long as I remember to keep it charged up, lol
  10. still loving my MONQs! Maybe a review post? Let me know down below. 
I discovered this week after getting my hello fresh box that I really enjoy cooking. I had never really believed that I could or would be good at it. As long as I have something to follow or a guide and flavor profile, I do just fine. I also found out that you can cook salmon in 8 mins and its SUPER easy and comes out divine. I guess I’ll be cooking more fish at home. 
While I was cleaning I noticed that I was becoming more productive and efficient with music on. I could have fun enjoy what I was doing and get more done. I got all my chores done yesterday in one foul swoop and enjoyed the peaceful day by myself while Sean was at work. 
 Hope to see you in AB group and have a lovely day!

Currently: May

Loving: All the quiet time around here in the mornings we’ve had. I enjoy waking up and feeding the dogs. I enjoy a cup of coffee while watching a morning talk show or listening to a podcast sometimes. Pretty quickly I’ve gotten into doing some laundry as I get ready for my day as well; getting dressed and waking up my body for the day ahead.

Reading: I’ve been back in audible and I had some credits, so I used them! I got three celeb related, autobiographical books that have lots of humor. So I’m excited to start them.

Watching: I’ve been loving Fixer Upper because HELLO! It’s the best show ever! And I got back on the Once Upon A Time train-I am a whole season behind and getting excited to see it’s closure. It’s a fantastic concept of a show and if you haven’t seen it then get on it!

Anticipating: When I feel like I have my S*** together again. It’s been about a hundred years since I’ve felt grounded and organized. I’d love to get back to that feeling of peace of mind and contentment. I have a lot to do with some growth and process to get through but eventually I’ll do it and I’ll be patient in the meantime.

Planning: Some pages work on the blog! I have a lot of challenges to begin on my goals post for this month, let alone the things that I haven’t gotten done on my past to do lists. I will be taking on a data entry program (which I’ll be scheduling out for this week) and working on a newsletter.

Working on: This post! Drafting ideas for the rest of the month and ways to include more on each post so I can offer my readers as much as I know how. I want to always include important key pieces of info in each post and feel like they are complete. Jotting down ideas for extensive social media posts. If you have any ideas you’d like to see or give any input email me [noraspaulding@gmail.com]  or comment below. I’d also love some lifestyle guest posts; I’m pretty open to anything so if you’d like to participate also please email me.

Wishing: I need more seconds, more minutes, more hours, more days and more years. I’m turning seventy five twenty nine in about a week and I’m nervous… I am feeling older and time is rushing by. I can’t handle it! I just would like it to all slow down…but wouldn’t we all??  What are you wishing for right now? How can I make your wishes come true?

Excited about: SUMMER! Since we live constantly in a mucky state, I am ready, ready, ready for sunshine all day long! Swimsuits and tank tops and shorts are all I want to wear (in addition to my new LuLaRoe clothes) when it’s hot out. I can’t wait for us to start exploring more in this town and go walking around more often and maybe I’ll get a bike soon to explore even more! 🙂

Eating: I had Subway today for the second time this week and I got really full! It was so good, I had a Melt which is turkey, ham and bacon. Yum- like so delicious! I got lettuce, olives, pickles, cucumbers, onions and ranch/salt pepper on it. It was just so yummy and exactly what my stomach needed. I was satisfied for hours and now munching on chips and cookies as I work. Leftover from earlier…

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