September Goals

September Goals

These are my goals for the month of September. I know I am halfway through the month already which I didn’t see coming so fast but these are ongoing and overarching. If you made goals this month please share them in the comments below.


-Blog 3x weekly -Newsletter Mondays -Share to Social Media every post -revamp pages and add in links to landing page make complete


-Read two books this month “Power of Now” and “Girl wash your Face” -drink more water and use fitbit for health steps tracking   -journal and write more regularly


-keep up with dishes -wipe all surfaces every few days or as needed -laundry daily/weekly -vacuum/mop often
August Goals and Intentions

August Goals and Intentions

August is winding down the  summer season, getting ready for school and the end of summer parties to kick off! And with it means a new site, new posts and new goals so let me ask you: Who’s ready?! I sure am.

I have not been doing good lately with checking things off my master to do list. But that’s about to change when I go back over my goals from the last year I compiled and check off all the ones that I either completed without knowing or things that are still in progress. Either way it’s a good time to regain composure on my intentions and what I want in my life with the following days, weeks and months until 2019 is upon us.

I’m going to re evaluate my goals because my goals from January to be honest have completely changed and are much more simplistic now. I can easily see what is within reach and what is not.


-Cleaning routine: dishes PM, tidy, clean counters, open blinds

-laundry on rotate schedule (AM)

-vacuum more often

-continue 2018 declutter

-fresh air/scentsy/diffuse



-two to three posts a week

-redesign all my graphics to match my newest layout


-always share to all social, maybe use Buffer/Hootsuite again

-design blog module, landing page and other pages

-schedule and plan in planoly


-post daily as directed

-share the opportunity with others

-watch more trainings

-practice makeup skills and be confident in growth

-go live a few times a week at least

-“do it scared” and try NEW looks

-post for makeup classes/parties etc for new ladies to earn makeup for FREE

-achieve the LOVE YOU TO PIECES goal


-read daily/at least one book per month

-get rid of clutter

-self care sundays

-do personal development daily

-stop biting nails! (break this habit)


-spend quality time with husband in evenings, weekends

-us time


-yoga workout 2-3x per week MWF

-Wake up daily at 7am-then back to 6am

-drink daily water goal

-use fitbit daily to track steps-reach new step goals; stuck inside, go use treadmill


Last month I went through a funk and it was sorta hard to pull myself out of it. Now I realize it’s up to me and with enough self care and discipline that is is more do-able. I’m determined to make this month better and since we are already five days in- I guess I better start right now.

How about you? What are your August Goals and Intentions? Was there things lacking last month that didn’t get accomplished or maybe you’re ahead of schedule? Tell me in the comments below.

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May Goals and Intentions

May Goals and Intentions

Since it’s the beginning of the month- I’ve been hustling my pants off in this work from home biz of mine and connecting with others, which I really needed. Does anyone else have a hard time with prioritizing things? I sure do! So I’m trying to work on this and time management as well.

April sure flew by real quick and I’m not gonna lie I sorta failed on that months goals. But it’s still early in May so I’m making a plan to be successful in each of these few areas. This time, I’m being purposeful about what I can manage and how much I can handle.


Read Light is the New Black book
Practice brush lettering
Self Care Sunday
Drink more water

Daily Routine/Hygiene


Blog 2x per week
Newsletter 1x per week (4x a month at least)
Pages and customization of blog layout
Share to social media every blog/become more involved in others
Social media cleanup & reset


Diffuse daily
Have a cleaning schedule (weekly)
Organize and Declutter since move
Add Decor and Hang Pictures! (blog post to come)

Younique Biz

Hit YELLOW this month! 🙂 And PINK!
Sponsor one or two lucky ladies (for more info-contact me)
5 Parties this month! (You can earn free and half priced product for hosting and having a qualifying party)
Post Daily and Go Live


Quality time evenings
Work on my own communication/ be clear with needs
Say I love you and Hugs everyday, kiss goodnight- small acts of affection.

I think these goals are more than attainable. Some I’ll be working on for awhile and continue with but others I can check off and complete. I will get as close to that as possible. I’m getting back into my drive and productivity hustle!

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2018 Goals

2018 Goals

It’s probably enough of this welcome to 2018 stuff but I cant believe that its really already this far into the new year and I feel like I just opened my eyes. I just got a grip and I’m already behind! Let’s catch up and get going on these goals! I started yesterday with a water challenge and I’m doing pretty good so far. I didn’t do good with tracking and keeping goals last year. Last year review was kinda in the Word of the Year for me so I won’t touch that I was MIA, no excuses and I want to do better. Leave me a comment about your goals and intentions this year and how you’ve started! I just feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day- does anyone relate?!
Without further ado, here ya go!


-Keep House Tidy
-Organize spaces
-Declutter room by room
-Keep surfaces clean
-just dust already*

Self Care

-Weekly basis for self care
-Chart self care in bullet journal
-getting Bullet Journal layout done and using it
-Treat myself when I’m able to hair/nail treatmnets


-Go LIVE everyday at least once
-Post 3x daily to group, page and parties
-Grow my VIP beauty group (let me know if you would like to be added!)


-Grow blog and have “active” engagement (comments, shares etc)

-Grow socials/SHARE to socials for every publish
-Write 1-2x a week to 2-3x a week if possible
-New freebie options
-Newsletter 1x weekly (coming tomorrow or perhaps this weekend)

Self Care

Read one book a month
Meditate daily (5-10 mins)
-Morning routine coffee time, meditation, journal
Get dressed, brush teeth, makeup etc


-Aim to drink 71oz of water per day
-get health insurance again (sean’s work)

-get annual checkup and dental appts
-yoga or some physical activity


-Focus on quality evening time

-Be nice, use kind words, slow down and listen
-Help Sean when he needs it
-Take more pictures
-Find ways to communicate more effectively
Maybe you related to some of these, to be quite honest I’ve been working on nailing some of these down for years. So let’s all just #CRUSH2018 okay? I’m taking today and planning away with my bullet journaling.

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September Goals and Intentions

HI everyone! Oh my- this month has been C-R-A-Z -Y already?!Every month I make Goals and Intentions for areas of my life that I intend to work on and keep striving towards to improve my well being and mindset. We have this linkup in hopes of everyone joining in.


    1. I will keep up my morning routine.  
    2. I will continue to construct and rework my night routine to find something that works.  
    3. Blog 1-2x per week. 
    4. Slowing down considering for biz and behind scenes blog/va work. 
    5. Spend time on vacation creating memories and taking lots of pictures for blog post. 
    6. Restart my meditations and daily journaling
    7. 15-30 mins of daily personal development for my biz.(reading, listening, watching.)
    8. schedule TV time after chores and tasks are done for the day
    9. Number one daily goal: 6 list!
    10. Spend time intentionally with Sean/communication/love
    11. Get dogs and records up to date
    12. Begin Fantasy Football league with Jessica and some gals
    14. Catch up on enjoyable youtube vids


    1.  Make blog a priority
    2.  Do daily 6 List 
    3. Self care routine/daily am/pm routine
    4. Create Office Hours for biz **
    5. Communication and quality time with Sean
    6. Stay on top of housework and important tasks


    August Goals & Intentions

    So I haven’t published an official post on how things are going yet (that’s what a bad blogger I’ve been) but I started this self-run biz with the help of ItWorks and I’m throwing all my energy into it. I am enjoying myself doing this and helping people. But I miss blogging so here I am to dedicate time to do both- give me some grace here, please. I appreciate any support or encouragement (or referrals) that you can send my way. I’ve been working really hard on time management and productivity as well. If you think this is an easy task for me it’s not but I’m doing better each day and I start to be more effective in my daily routines and tasks.
    Here are my goals and intentions I’d like to try to stick to this month:

    AUGUST GOALS (various want to’s, should do’s but not must do’s)

    1. Blog consistently (starting now)
    2. Keep house clean weekly (morning 15 min tidy) (nightly- dishes and Sunday laundry)
    3. Read one PD book, Go for No (FINISH & review?)
    4. Meditate Daily
    5. Journaling Daily
    6. Use Planner Daily/Weekly view
    7. One-two bottles of water daily -no backups, iced tea emergency soda etc
    8. Batch write/social schedule plan ahead
    9. set a day aside to VA every week? (Sundays? new members weekly)
    10. Get one to two DTs for work-earned a 100$ shopping spree and bonus in 30 days! It’s possible!!

    AUGUST INTENTIONS (more defined and narrowed down)

    1. Work my biz DAILY for an hour-two per day at most

    • showcase the promos and how people need and can use each product
    • relatable and real
    • message and ASK or the answer is always no
    • get on weekly calls/weekly online events/read up on products to get familiar

    2. Blog Editorial Calendar and Brainstorm with Pam/Rae

    • mass brainstorm ideas and original thought provoking posts
    • editorial layout plan and social media schedule with Buffer/on paper/each network/groups etc.
    • batch write and batch design graphics

    3. Virtual Assisting- stay consistent and ask for direction or what I can improve on

    • Sundays: new member day
    • Saturday/Sunday: V/A scheduler days- get links, check posts, podcasts, tailwind 5-7+ days out at least, scheduled to groups and pages

    4. Stick to daily routine, healthy lifestyle and begin to incorporate exercise at home from youtube or on demand free

    • wake up at 8-9am on time, brush teeth, feed dogs, get coffee, make the bed, do AM meditation/affirmations, let dogs go potty, 15 min cleanup, first IW post (11 am)…..
    • go to bed no later than midnight, (early shower/bath) get PJs on/PM meditation, brush teeth, put dogs in bed, read half hour (maybe), lay out clothes for following day. 

    Well, this just about covers it! I’m sorry I’ve been gone for awhile, I hope you missed me though. What are your goals for this month? What habits are you working on improving or changing? Is there any way we can help each other? And if there is please shout out and tell me. I’m currently using “Forest” to pump out this blog post and well, heck I did it! Congrats to me! Thank you for hanging around and being patient! Stay tuned and I hope to share lots more soon. I have two sponsored posts to get to you.

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