Bloggy Brunch Week 15

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  Tonight I am frazzled because our friend just came into town and I’m having so much fun already having him here with us. He’s from Kansas and he is enjoying a nice long two week vacation with us while none of us are busy. Like a late Spring Break for all of us.
I was really excited to get going with my new Panda Planner so that’s a plan I have with Raewyn today from SSI. She did a FB live on how she uses her Panda planner and how she can write her days and weeks and month out to be the most productive she can be. I’m to become as good at productivity and time management as I can be. I got a larger computer screen recently so I can now double task and I can clearly do two things at once. Lately I really slacked with blogging and that makes me sad, so let me know how you find inspiration? 

I really wanted to spotlight a couple of peoples posts for this week. It was a busy time to be a blogger. Krysten explains why we should binge 13 reasons why on Netflix and how mental health and our sympathy is necessary in this day and age. She’s one of my favorite bloggers so you should check her out if you haven’t yet. 
Anna talks about 5 things she changed to make her blog grow how it changed her outlook on her blog biz. I’m definetly going to apply some of these points a little more than I have been. 
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I hope you find these links from last week fun and useful. I’m glad I could get this post up on time and it means the world to me if you’re still hanging around. I enjoy this place and the wonderful community I get to be surrounded by. 

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Bloggy Brunch Week 14

My blog is about to get real good again. I was surprised when I realized I have only missed 4 posts in all these weeks since this new improved blog started! I’m so proud of myself and my hard work. A few of those posts were made when I was sick as a dog too so for that I’m glad I could push through. I would love to invite anyone who wants to- if you’d like to guest post for me (anytime soon) on basically anything lifestyle or marriage or pet related. Just please email me at {}
Let’s jump back into this linkup, I gotta say it’s one of my favorite things every week. I hope that you enjoy being here and sharing what you’re up to as much as we do! Please tell us if there’s anything more you’d like or something to change? 
This week I’m going to guesstimate that we are going to have many more people link up this week too. I feel like I haven’t had much to say these past few weeks but that is about to change. 
Lots of fun stuff coming up including more pet posts, maybe a home tour?? (long overdue) and some style/seasonal fashion posts. I have some work to do on this here blog but I hope that you’ll really enjoy this place and thank you for all your love and comments. 
I’ve been so busy and gotten so much done that I feel bad leaving all you hanging! We are getting a new car tomorrow!!! And surprise Justin is coming back to visit this weekend from Kansas for two whole WEEKS! So yay lots of fun adventures gonna happen, stay tuned…..And per usual I will be on social media. And ::snapchat:: because hey girl hey- #memories

Bloggy Brunch Week 13

Welcome to this sunny Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great and peaceful weekend and gotten lots of things accomplished. I’m trying to get all my production and motivation hacks together to make myself get more done. I’m trying to keep on a good posting schedule but I’m also on a new journey being a VA and that is bringing a lot of new time management skills. I’m hoping to get a new planner soon to amp up my skills.


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Bloggy Brunch Week 12

Hello and welcome again! I’m glad you’re here and I hope you had a great week and if not, well we can soon start over.
These last few weeks have been struggle bunny for me and just plain stressful. I have been sick with worry about my mom and her current condition *simply put* she isn’t taking care of herself and no one will help her [outside sources]. Anyway, I’m trying to pick up the pace tonight so I can get a few blogs ahead and just feel a bit more steady. I’ve felt very lucky that I have such amazing and supportive blogging besties Pamela and Raewyn who do this great linkup with me.
I’m so happy it’s almost the end of March and along with that almost SPRINGTIME! What are you looking forward to?

I’m gonna do a new blog reap and maybe a little check in as well. Maybe if you haven’t been to my blog a whole lot before now (or on my old blogs) then you’ll like what I’m showing you now.

I have realized that it takes a lot to be successful and I surely want to keep moving forward. It takes time, patience and persistence as well as a strong drive to get things done. I’m working on following through with my commitments because that shouldn’t be hard in the first place. Mostly it’s just prioritizing, scheduling things in a certain order and some time management skills need to be improved. I’ve been using Trello for managing tasks and prioritizing them as well. I really enjoy using a productivity application on my phone called Forest. It’s like a timer but instead it keeps you on one task, the app and if you exit you lose your progress on a game to grow trees. The longer you stay in app, the bigger the trees are and more trees you unlock.
You should check it out!


Bloggy Brunch Week 11

Hello and welcome everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! My own headspace has been a little bit all over the place. I already talked about my mom I believe but she’s having some just getting older/daily care issues so we are trying to reach out and help her some. It’s been somewhat of a battle.
I’ve been trying to work on recreating a page for my VA biz and making the most sense of these service packages. I think I have a good process going but we will see because I haven’t ‘tested’ them yet. I’m also trying to get my newsletter off the ground so I’ve been posting it at the end of each post.

This week I’m choosing Inspire the Best You post on “What depression and anxiety means to her
because I believe in how important it is to talk about mental health. Depression and anxiety have these negative contexts but why are they that way? It shouldn’t be. There are so many people suffering and being quiet about it. It only exacerbates the problem and doesn’t solve anyone’s’ issues. I’m proud that she is talking about it and opening up her blog for conversation. I am a survivor/fighter of someone who took their life. I will miss him everyday but I believe in getting help when you need it. Talk to ANYONE. It will immediately make you feel better, relieved, less bogged down etc. If you feel you need to- always calla crisis or help line because they are always there 24.7 to help when maybe it’s not enough. I want to link this article that I found on Facebook the other day as well- it was moving from both perspectives. It impacted me in ways I didn’t realize, take a minute to read it and pass it on.
I also think people underestimate anxiety and what it does to those who fully have it in any capacity. I have been told I’m exaggerating, being pathetic, making it up and so on. I am not.  There is no choice involved in this which ails me, if there were I would not be choosing it. Or tolerating it each day. I was previously on medication personally and I didn’t always think that it’s for me. I ebb and flow, some days are worse than others but I also highly value life a lot more over the years and would never do anything to hurt myself even in those darkest moments where I have been before. I hope you seek help if you need to and know I’m always here for you. Privately email me if you’d like.

Bloggy Brunch Week 10

*post may have affiliate links- these don’t hurt or harm you, it helps me keep the blog going to bring you quality content on things that are relevant*

This week has been very low- key, although many of the past weeks have been the same. I feel badly that I don’t have much more to say but I hope your week has been going smoothly. I’ve been resting a lot as I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. I’m finding myself unmotivated and having a hard time getting back in the blogging saddle. My home life has been so boring lately I don’t have much to share or talk about. So let’s try this: Tell me what has been a rise and a fall from your week and how I can possibly encourage you this coming week? I want to motivate and encourage you all. March Goals and Intentions and a review of February’s will be up this week.
My Rise: talking to my sisters and getting in better communication. 
My Fall: Worrying about my mom and her health/her condition or state of being. (please pray, I’m just realizing she isn’t as able as she once was.) Also not blogging because at the end of the day- I love this. 

Instead of a featured post this week I’m just going to ramble a bit about what I’ve learned and continue to learn about consistency and inspiration. I’m trying to stay motivated like every other blogger out there. Staying on top of content when you’re in a funk or having a hard time in “real life” is extremely difficult. This past week we had some family events happen that we were all really worried about- so I had to take a few days (a week) off from the blog. I needed it too anyway because I was feeling exhausted and just drained. Unmotivated and uninspired. I have a stockpile of ideas and brain dumps and yet still I was wandering in a mindless headspace. Since my family has taken a few steps and are in better communication now, I feel a bit more refreshed and able to come back. I’m going to pace myself this week and do one post at a time. In the meantime I’ve been journaling more written words and in this difficult and frustrating time that became very cathartic. So if you would like to use what I have (and I love it and constantly link to it) this Instant Happy Journal has changed my life.

I know that without consistency you leave readers and followers who enjoy your content wondering and in a limbo of sorts. Not like it’s life or death but you tend to lose those who come back to your blog for lack of a regular posting schedule. I was doing really good about this until last week and that’s a bit disappointing. But I’m getting back on the so called saddle and I hope I can continue to bring you content that is relatable and brightens your day.

Inspiration can strike you anywhere and at any time-even in the shower (which I’m sure has happened to us all) so that’s helpful. So be sure to always have a notebook and pen near you or have a specific sheet of notes saved in your phone for blog post ideas. An easy way to come up with content when you’re stumped is to think of what is relevant or going on in the mainstream right now and what you’d enjoy seeing on a blog of this type. Lately I’ve been really saving all my good ideas so stay tuned and find out what they are.

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