Reading List of 2019

Reading List of 2019

One of my major goals this year is to read more so I’m going to make that happen (granted I’ve started late to the game). I began The Four Agreements and loved it but life got crazy the last week or two and I haven’t picked it back up. I’m going to take a few solid days to catch up and it’s a short book so I think I can still finish it easily by the end of January. Although while I clean I have been listening to Troublemaker and I love hearing Leah Remini’s own voice and spunk about her early childhood experinences. And that is much easier for me most time anyway- I can usually absorb a audiobook okay for the most part.

My plan going forward is this: Read 1-2x day AM/PM (even just a few pages) read according to my guide and lined up books. I’d like to do reviews on these books or at least some so let me know if that interests you at all. I just gave away a lot of physical copies of books I had since I just never read them but I had so man others that I needed to read, so those were donated. Most of these are books that I’ve had for at least a few years and others I’ve just gotten recently in Kindle or Audible. This is my take on a reading challenge which it is- because I’m lucky with my slow reading speed and comprehension if I can read one book a month.

Here’s my 2019 reading list goal plan:

January: The Four Agreements-paperback/Troublemaker on audible

February: The Power of Now-kindle
March: The Soul Searchers Handbook/Adventures for your Soul-kindle
April: Daring Greatly-kindle
May: May Cause Miracles-kindle
June: The Untethered Soul-kindle
July: Make it Happen-kindle
August: Sacred Powers-to be ordered
September: Talking as Fast as I Can-audible
October: This Is Just My Face-Try Not To Stare-audible
November: Seriously I’m Kidding-audible
December: Big Magic-to be ordered

And a few extra suggestions of ones I have/want to read if I have extra time or swap any of these out.

-Catcher-kalyn nicholson
-Kind is the new Classy
-Girl stop apoligizing
-The power of habit
-Nine Perfect Strangers


What are you looking forward to reading this year? New or old? What is your favorite types of books to read and why? Let me know in the comments below. Drop your favorite books down below in case I need to add them to my list!

2019 Word of the Year

2019 Word of the Year


carry out or perpetrate (a mistake, crime, or immoral act).
“he committed an uncharacteristic error”
synonyms: carry out, do, perpetrate, engage in, enact, execute, effect, accomplish; More
pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy.
“they were reluctant to commit themselves to an opinion”
synonyms: pledge, devote, apply, give, dedicate
“they committed themselves to the project”
*from the Dictionary search on Google*


This word stuck out to me right away when I started to think about Word of the Year. I have in much of my life lacked a sense of commitment and sticking through the tough times. Not so much in a sense of personal commitment but in pretty much every other way. I tend to bail out on things when it gets hard or when my anxiety comes into play. So being consistent and commiting to each and every adventure and new thing I take on- I can at least try and follow through on. The goal is to apply this to my personal life in learning to drive (permit), my new PT job, and my relationship. It will also help me being consistent and commited on here in this space, also helps to batch write and plan ahead.

Last year my word was “Renew” I think I did well and applied this word Renew in many places. I started this new blog and maybe didn’t make as much progress last year as much as I wanted but that’s okay. I started out feeling as fresh and new as I do now-but we had obstacles and we balanced and problem solved it better than before. I wasn’t I as anxious this year as I was the year prior. I have found ways and techniques to cope day to day and change my reality in a better way. Now committing to the process and the journey will be a whole new place I haven’t been in before.

I want to recap some of my acheivements from this year that were motivated by renew. And will be pushed forward more by commit.

-less anxiety

-working with younique

-practicing my makeup and getting on video

-worked on budget all year long (still learning and fixing it)

-reading more although not entirely successfully but more intake media was accomplished

-got a job (in december) PT at Chico’s

-figured out who and what I wanted in my life

-building on my relationship and making it stronger

-we moved and then regretted it

-working on calming my intense emotions and not being snappy, angry and annoyed over literally small things I can’t control

-found my blog and local tribe of babes and brainstorming new projects and more content that’s valuable

-worked on my self love, and self care journey; made serious progress

-stayed at home and kept on top of chores and wifey duties pretty well

-purged and organized a LOT this year which felt so good

 Those might be semi vague but honestly they were HUGE for me. So I feel good about moving into a new year with these things in my belt. I am thankful to have Sean by my side and be growing into a newer person by exposing myself to things that seemed hard or impossible. It’s not- it’s just adjustment and progress not perfection. I can’t expect to never feel uncomfortable because we all feel that way from time to time. It’s moving through the muck and learning to be okay and get stronger by learning not by being ‘all knowing right away’.

I’m going to start a couple things this year that I want to focus on and implement immediately. 

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Yoga/exercise
  • Quality Time with Sean 
  • Dogs; get them active and playing more

That’s pretty much it. I have rambled enough, I think. Hopefully this is helpful or gives you an idea of my plans for 2019 and at LEAST for the month of January. Small steps- big accomplishments. I’m psyched for this year-here we go!


two zero one nine

two zero one nine

What I want in 2019:

1. Blog 2-3x a week

I should start prepping content now and thinking of topics that people will find helpful in the new year or in January in general. There are many subjects that I haven’t even explored or touched on so if there is something specific that you’d like to see please leave me a comment below or feel free to email me.

2. Travel-California, Florida, Greece?

Start a savings TRAVEL fund so we can take a trip or two this coming year. The only way to make this happen is to start being more conscious of money and paying off debt and setting extra funds aside. My dream trip is Greece and by god, I would FLIP if I got to go.

3. Read one book a month

I can absolutely do this. I find when I am reading often I do really enjoy that intake of story and information. Set a schedule to do this every AM/PM and stick to it. Find the only books that you enjoy and really want to fully read and gain knowledge from.
“Some books leave us free and some books make us free.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. Personal Growth- self love, self care, self actualization commence

Do a self care routine a couple times a week if possible. Have a better sense of my own self love and self respect. Start doing and achieving whatever I can for self growth and actualization. *Read personal development and write notes or take aways to apply those principles*

5. Save 1K for emergencies or towards 10 yr wedding fund

Again another savings goals. But I have to make this happen for a better wedding plans and emergency savings because we have learned this year that that is IMPORTANT. If you yourself don’t already have one or has recently depleted I encourage you to start one.

6. Listen to more audio media- podcasts, ted talks, music etc

I have started applying this while I clean or write posts/brainstorm etc or sometimes before bed when I’m antsy and can’t chill out. I enjoy a few podcasts like Pretty Basic, Coffee Talk with Kalyn and also a few crime or general knowledge ones. I try not to grab too many downloaded for lack of space and also for simplicity sake. I am working on decluttering every inch of my mental and physical space.

7. Volunteer- aka being a nicer, more giving person; and/or donate more often to non profit charities

I want to (if not a job) have a better sense of community and doing something with my time that I enjoy and helps others. I’ve often thought of volunteering at a soup kitchen or a dog shelter or even helping at a donation center or charity. The only thing holding me back is transportation so let’s make that happen too. The second part of this is donate more and keep track of those things so they can be deduced for tax reasons.

8. Get my freaking LICENSE

I go back and forth on whether I want to or not and being more independent as a human being. But overall, I know it would help so much for me to be able to get out and do things without asking for a ride or relying on other modes. Fear about driving is common, but it will be better in the end to gain the knowledge and then make a decision from there.

9. Improve Exercise and Nutrition habits

I have somewhat improved upon eating better, not in a perfect way but definitely different that I’m not eating just only junk and fast food. Finding healthy snacks and drinking more water is a basic start I’ve begun. I am not really as close on the fitness track but I have a goal for a new gym routine/yoga and stretch days.

10. Build better relationships

My actual relationships, friends, family or otherwise, have been sort of  put on the back burner. I don’t mean to and yes I’m close to a small group of close people I love and trust. But I have pulled away from many and also put up with far too much interpersonal abuse so that has stopped this year. However I do care about many people I know and want to continue to get to know in my life and that is what I’d like to improve upon. Building and focusing on nurturing a friendship/relationship takes both parties giving 100%.

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