As a homeowner, sometimes you need to scrap everything. The answer is to update your home and change the space entirely. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m restless and need a new vibe in my home. It is easy to get bored of your surroundings, so doing a low-cost makeover on the style of your home is simple. Painting the walls a new brighter and lighter color will make such a big difference in waking up a stuffy room. Go to the home improvement/paint store like Lowes or Rhodda and pick up a few paint sample cards. Check them against the wall and get enough of a paint sample for swatches on your wall so you can physically see them as they dry. When you’ve decided on a color you like, buy your brushes, drop cloths or plastic, painters’ tape and rollers. And put on some old clothes to wear while you’re working. If you are working on a dark color you may also need primer. I’m a responsible young adult with a rental house in the city and I never realized how crucial having reliable garbage and recycling services are. It can be frustrating and confusing if you’re new and don’t understand the guidelines. Since living here I’ve been striving to sort and recycle much more than I ever have before. But things like house paint cannot just be tossed out! PaintCare (including Oregon, 7 other states and DC) provides safe and effective recycling of paints from households and small businesses like painting contractors and property managers. The PaintCare stewardship program began in July 2010 in Oregon. Drop-off sites consist of paint retailers (paint, hardware, home improvement stores) that volunteered to take back paint making it easy for the public to do so without hesitation. These places accept house paint, primers, stains, sealers and clear coatings (shellac and varnish). There’s no charge for bringing your paint to a PaintCare drop off site. There are 170 sites in Oregon and PaintCare is funded by the PaintCare fee which is in the included price of paint sold in Oregon. This is used to fund all parts of paint program:
  • Paint collection

  • Transportation

  • Recycling

  • Public Outreach

  • Program Administration

  • To manage old “legacy” paint (paint that accumulated in homes/businesses before the program started)

Is there paint sitting in your garage or business right now? I bet it’s old and has been there awhile. If you’re not going to use it up, the good news is they will accept paint even if it is more than 30 years old so now you have no excuse- go recycle it! I’d recommend going to the PaintCare website and seeing where and how you can donate or use up that leftover paint.     Now, the next step is to rearrange furniture, it specifically changes the whole outlook and feel of a home. You can always make things even more interesting by looking up Feng Shui. Maybe moving the chair one of you really loves into the corner for a reading nook. Or hang a new piece of art that you enjoy seeing daily. Switch your couch and TV to opposing walls if you can or flip the couch’s position. If you have a rug, clean it or shake it out to breathe new life into your cozy floor covering. Try adding some lovely flowers or oxygenating plants for a livelier feel. When creating, a new aesthetic feel for a room is as easy as purchasing a few new things to incorporate. Even on the cheaper side if you are on a tight budget, go to stores like Michael’s or Home Goods. Another way to add to your home is to place collections or trinkets of things you love and enjoy. And mirrors will always make your house look much bigger.   Clutter is a thief of time, it’s silently there trying to mess up your day. When you can’t find your keys, your shoes or your phone-making your life a whole lot harder. It’s not a good thing to have a lot of clutter from your closet to your pantry. A good place to start is by gathering some organizational materials to fix the problem areas. Using shelves, containers and labels to combined loose objects in your cupboard to make things look neater and overall easier to find. When organizing the madness, do what makes the most sense. If you use your brush before your lipstick, then keep your brush in the top drawer and your makeup organized near the back or in next drawer down. In the pantry keep your spices clustered together and your flour next to your sugar for baking. Make sure all your perishable items are sealed for the longest shelf life. By using labels in your cupboards, you can avoid putting that flour on your cereal or baking soda in your coffee. With these tips, hopefully you can refresh your home and enjoy the new space a little bit more this season.

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