Current Netflix Favorites

It’s one of my favorite things in the whole world to do: Netflix and Chill (but really chill with a snack). Recently I’ve asked you if I should keep updating and reviewing my choices from Netflix (and other media) and you said YES! I’ve been killing a lot of alone time by watching a lot of new shows on Netflix. I hope you enjoy this post and maybe, haven’t seen all of these. Tell me what you think down below and if you have, rate them yourself and let me know what your other favorites are!
* all plot descriptions come from IMDB*

Royal Pains- 5 stars

A young E.R. doctor who, after being wrongly blamed for a patient’s death, moves to the Hamptons and becomes the reluctant “doctor for hire” to the rich and famous. … Hank Lawson is a doctor who can diagnose a person on the spot and treat them with whatever is around.” 

what I think: I love this show! It’s addicting and positive and isn’t too gory like other tv medical dramas. It’s funny and sweet and has it’s romantic ups and downs. Divya is my favorite character and something about her is badass and determined in her situation. Plus the brothers (both actors) are really hot! 

Limitless-3 stars

An average 28-year-old man who gains the ability to use the full extent of his brain’s capabilities is hired by the FBI as a consultant.

what I think: I just started this show but it’s very action packed and interesting to follow. I think its fascinating and can’t get enough of it. I wish his brain power was capable for all of us. It’s a murder mystery in a sense and because I just started it I don’t have more description but I’m liking it, I think it’s sorta similar to 24 the tv show. 

Good Witch-2 stars

“Good Witch” will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace. When Dr. Sam Radford moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the ‘magical’ mother-daughter duo.

what I think: It’s a sweet take on a “intuition super power” story not spooky or rated R- it’s a safe show for people of all ages (I think). The drama and mystery surrounding this family is anything but boring. I love the lesson in each episode too. Sometimes can be a little slow or boring but I love Catherine Bell (from Army Wives) and Bailee Madison (The Fosters). 

Hawaii Five O (2010-)-5 stars

Steve McGarrett returns home to Oahu, in order to find his father’s killer. The governor offers him the chance to run his own task force (Five-0). Steve’s team is joined by Chin Ho Kelly, Danny “Danno” Williams, and Kono Kalakaua.

what I think: It’s ACTION packed and thrilling, mysterious and draws me into each episode. I love getting to know the characters and how their lives intertwine. The criminals in the series are evolving and getting more hard to catch and evil. 

Girl-Boss- 4 stars

Sophia, a misfit, discovers a passion for fashion, becoming an unlikely businesswoman in the process. As her business grows, however, she has to learn to cope with life as her own boss. This show is loosely based on the true story of Nasty Gal Founder, Sophia Amoruso.

what I think: She’s a mess like me and I can totally relate to the struggle of the hustle. I am motivated and encouraged when I watch this to push myself harder to my goals. Otherwise you’ll never get there and no one will do it for you. I love how everyone’s doubt just makes her work harder!

Life in Pieces-4 stars

A family comedy told through the separate stories of different family members.

what I think: I love this show! It’s a great spin off type of show from Parenthood. Similar to it in the presentation of the characters and story line. It;s emotional and moving at points just like the Parenthood mention. I think the acting is quality and I, personally don’t recognize a lot of actors in it but that’s okay. It’s a genuine connection. 

OITNB (orange is the new black)-5 stars

Convicted of a decade old crime of transporting drug money to an ex-girlfriend, normally law abiding Piper Chapman is sentenced to a year and a half behind bars to face the reality of how life changing prison can really be.

what I think: This show is so addicting! While it’s content is questionable, it’s like a magnet- I just can’t stop watching. It has sexual content that is unexplained and honestly, sweetly ravaging. The prisoners stories and lives start to emerge I think in season 2-3 and that’s when I knew I had a favorite show. It’s moving, captivating and I’d say if you’re turned off by it; give it a chance, a real change like a whole season. The mood changes after season one and although they often leave you on a cliffhanger- it’s worth it!

Switched at Birth (new episodes)-5 stars

Two teenage girls’ lives are turned upside down when they find out they were switched at birth.

what I think: It’s so great the sisterhood and camaraderie that continues in the latest season. It shows the real effects of deafness on a family through their own dynamics. The sisterly bond really sticks with me and reminds me that sisterhood is life and there are seasons to siblings, sometimes its easy, sometimes its hard. 
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Currently: June


I haven’t been reading much lately except my planner and my phone. I have plenty of titles to choose from- it’s just a matter of choosing. Who’s on Goodreads? I am here. I have a whole list of titles I should be reading but I want to dive into 50 ways to yay! & LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK (someone please get on me about reading more often!) 

Surprised by: 

How fast time is flying by! It’s June already and I just cannot fathom that half of 2017 is over. The older I get the quicker it seems to fly by. I’m 29 now and things feel very real and serious. Like I’m a real adult now- there’s no denying it anymore. How does time passing and getting older feel for you?


Anywhere! I’m really having terrible wanderlust… I can’t help it. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve traveled any place outside Portland. So it’s driving me a bit batty! Most of our concerns are budget and kenneling/pet sitter. It’s a whole big thing we haven’t figured out yet. If I could I’d go to any of these places I’ve saved here…. T  R A V E L  on pinterest! My favorite of all is GREECE. I don’t even know what there is there except lots of history and beautiful architecture. So I’m dreaming about it until I can be there..


I’ve been blogging a lot recently trying to really regain a grasp of what I aim to do for my readers and put out great quality content. The template for this blog was just changed so I’m also filling out the pages and contact again. I hope you like what you’ll see.  I’m starting to seriously look into what I can do to begin the VA biz and get things rolling. If you’re interested in any  basic VA social media management services then please contact me at [] and we can speak further. 


EVERYTHING. OITNB is back on Netflix, I just watched Trolls for the first time yesterday and I love it. If you’d like to see a What I’m Loving on Netflix soon- please comment and let me know. I love to write those and I’d like to share what is new and new to me that you also might enjoy! Also tell me if you’d like to see more ENTERTAINMENT posts here and I’ll start writing them more. 


The weather. It’s weirdly cool for middle of June and I don’t know what’s up with it lately here in the PNW. We are usually either warmer or cooler than everyone else in the area but we are staggering our own records. It’s been off and on rainy for weeks. I enjoy the sun rays on my face but we’ve only had about two warm-hot days so far. Can we have summer now please? I do enjoy a nice hard rain though and it sounds lovely on our roof. 

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9 low key date ideas

Who’s ready for Friday? I am. Relaxing I hope because it’s easy to forget to spend quality time together alone and without friends, family or little ones around. So I wanted to share “9 low key date night ideas”. We’ve done a lot of these ideas, they’re a lot of fun. There’s a few ideas where you might think “that’s not a date..” but I assure you the minute you let go and start having fun together it’ll feel romantic no matter what you’re doing. They are not holiday related at all but some of these can be adapted for the holiday season, I’ll explain. Here’s what I came up with and if you have any others please leave a comment below.


I love going bowling! It’s silly, athletic but not difficult and fun if you do decide to go with a group. A group date for this is very acceptable. Even sometimes more fun and competitive when you’re challenging each other. Disco or Glow bowling is even more fun and sometimes even cheaper than a regular rate, it is later but unless grandma and grandpa are coming you’ll be able to manage. Either way I suggest a short game or two as it’s easy to get tired, hungry, grumpy or your hands will start to ache from throwing those heavy bowling balls. The loud music and black light in the fun of bowling just amplifies it for me- try it, if you haven’t ever been!


Ah, the classic date, yes but don’t fix what ain’t broke. I’m not much of a movie theater go-er so we will either rent, buy or stream a movie of our choice. Sometimes having a walk through a store on a special night is fun for us. Simply browsing together and seeing what is out new in,  say Best Buy,  because we are techie-people is a nice cap to the night. Also here’s where we aren’t as adventurous as others; we are picky eaters. So trying a new restaurant usually isn’t high on our list. But you sure could take this time to try new cuisine or have a fancier dessert (which is what we opt for) or drink (sometimes).


Go on a walk or run a trail you like or have seen before, head to the beach, mountains or desert (whatever is close to you) and enjoy being in nature. Here in the PNW I take it for granted- I think next year that’s gonna change. I love a good walk especially outside in a forest area along a river or stream. Walking our dogs out to a trail or place we haven’t been before to socialize them more if a good idea. They don’t get out enough and honestly neither do we, such homebodies. Fresh air is great for your lungs and makes your body feel new if you’ve been inside for too long.

Taking pictures on outings like this can be really nice by going making memories and getting each other and the scenery on film (digital) is a keepsake! So be sure to bring your camera, phone or other Polaroid for taking pictures.

A large garbage bag or plastic sandwich bag (to drape over your camera in case of rain) less likely to get damaged by any rain or moisture. I suggest wearing good shoes (not flats) like tennis shoes, hiking shoes or boots. Downplaying the weather conditions can be easy to do but also will ruin your trip. Don’t hike anywhere you aren’t familiar (or at all) without a buddy. Also a day hike is better, so no hiking at night. Be safe!


If you both love to cook then this is a great date night activity. Go to the store together-gather your ingredients, make something a little fancier, try a new recipe. Normally I’d want to follow a recipe if you’re like me, experiment and have fun. Meal prepping can be tedious but with a partner you can nearly cut your time in half! I don’t meal prep but I think this would be fun (also if we had a bigger kitchen). Depending on your kitchen, have your husband grill, fry or boil noodles. While you can cut, chop or blend whatever else you need. Once your done spend time together by having a glass of wine and talk about what the week looks like.


This is one I wasn’t sure I should include. I know that we really enjoy doing this together when we need to shake things up. If your selected room let’s you change the layout with your furniture-it’s fun to shape shift your living space. Usually in our bedroom we will put the bed on a different wall or move our dresser to a new spot. Living rooms are easy to do by moving or combining pieces in new formations in your open space. Just make sure you can still open doors and windows. Don’t cover any heater vents or wall heaters- be conscious of that! Safety hazard! I kind of believe in my own version of Feng Shui- just by moving things and vacuuming the floors, I feel newer in the fresh environment. It gives you a new mindset I think. This is probably most low key of all- but I enjoy it the most!


Date night playlist? Travel mix? For special adult time? Select songs that you both like. For some couples that’s harder than others but it’s okay put a big mix of everything in there for each style. I think if you can handle each other day to day, you can handle a three minute song you don’t like. I have a few bands that I know we both like and he made me a playlist called  “in the car music” it was a sweet sentiment. A guy can also apply this idea to a girl/woman he likes- everyone loves a good mix tape/CD/playlist.


This is a great idea if you’re a gamer like my husband is. Playing games together can be inviting and fun, challenging and innovative. Go buy a game together and have the stronger player help the other. Guide them through and have fun overall. Grab a variety of snacks (healthy or not) and enjoy spending time doing what the other enjoys. Board games can also work if you have friends or family nearby. Cards are a go-to staple when things are boring and slow. They are great for your mind as well, quick for wit so shuffle out the Gin Rummy or there’s always Go Fish!


Farmers markets are usually seasonal but can also open your mind to new food and produce or canned goods that you may not see otherwise. It nice to walk around locally on a spring or summer day looking through all the vendors. Saturday markets (like the one here in PDX) has a wide selection of food, goods and services as well as specialty things like face painting for young kids. Look up online under your city index and see if there’s one near you. They could be weekly, monthly, or during a particular season or sort of festival.


Just another time to be goofy and silly with one another. Stay light hearted and have fun without being competitive. It’ll take her 25,000 times to get that ball into the lighthouse but come behind her and swing with her. Show her your sweet, helpful nature and be affectionate.

I hope you’ll try some of these next time you need a day (or night)) out. Take pictures and make new memories. Never forget to nourish the relationship you’re in. It’s too easy and damaging to be too complacent. Enjoy each other!

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Quotes to be Inspired by (on hard days)

Do you have days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Are you feeling down in the dumps or perhaps a bit depressed? Feeling somewhat anxious or stressed out? When you maybe had a bad dream the night before but can’t shake the feeling? When you have a bad day is it really hard to recover from? Well hopefully this post will shed some inspirational light on you in any of these situations. Usually I find some personal answers in a quote- I’m a huge fan of sharing my faves on social media so be sure to tag me in them so I can see them (@noraspaulding on Instagram/Pinterest). I often find that browsing quotes on Instagram, Pinterest or the general web is a great way to find my motivation and become re-inspired. They help us express ourselves and explain our feelings in a way maybe we can’t verbalize in that moment. Take a peek!

I hope that some of these are new to you- I picked them all for their deep meanings that resonated with me but I want them to be useful to you too. So if you enjoyed, please re-pin them or comment down below. I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at just Q U O T E S. Words have power and it can be used for good or evil. Today say one nice thing to a stranger. I think you can do it! I believe that hard days are just like tests- to see how well we score and can measure up to those tough times and endure. Then to be able and open for all the blessings in our lives. Quotes and sayings by famous people or not, have gotten me personally, through some very rough periods  in my life and I know they can do the same for you. If you ever want to talk about  anything I’m always here to listen and offer my advice.

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June Goals and Intentions

June started off with a BANG! I was determined to be much more mindful and productive this month luckily it just started. I have great dear friends Raewyn and Pamela to keep me accountable as well. We have a lot of important adult things to get down around here so we’ve been busy trying to get those checked off first! Here’s a good look at what I want to do with my month: 

June Goals:

1. Blog M/W/F consistently 
2. Follow editorial calendar for the month
3. Batch write and Batch schedule for social media (sun, tues, thurs)
4. Keep house clean weekly
5. Meditate Daily
6. Journal Daily
7. Drink at least one bottle of water a day
8. Read one Book, Listen to one Audible book.
9. Practice Brush Lettering
10. Use Panda Planner daily

June Intentions: 

1) Streamline VA biz stuff: 
-create packages, pricing, cut down to 10 services or less
2) Keep up with VA (SSS jobs/FB groups/Trello tasks)/ Blog regularly M/W/F
3) I want to stick to my daily routine- wake up at 9am, planner/journal, morning routine- grandfather not bed at midnight-1am and begin with my night routine. 
I hope I can stick to all these plans and also write posts about some of them! Tell me what you’d like to see! Do you have monthly goals? What are they? Comment below! 

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