Friday, June 2, 2017

June Goals and Intentions

June started off with a BANG! I was determined to be much more mindful and productive this month luckily it just started. I have great dear friends Raewyn and Pamela to keep me accountable as well. We have a lot of important adult things to get down around here so we've been busy trying to get those checked off first! Here's a good look at what I want to do with my month: 

June Goals:

1. Blog M/W/F consistently 
2. Follow editorial calendar for the month
3. Batch write and Batch schedule for social media (sun, tues, thurs)
4. Keep house clean weekly
5. Meditate Daily
6. Journal Daily
7. Drink at least one bottle of water a day
8. Read one Book, Listen to one Audible book.
9. Practice Brush Lettering
10. Use Panda Planner daily

June Intentions: 

1) Streamline VA biz stuff: 
-create packages, pricing, cut down to 10 services or less
2) Keep up with VA (SSS jobs/FB groups/Trello tasks)/ Blog regularly M/W/F
3) I want to stick to my daily routine- wake up at 9am, planner/journal, morning routine- grandfather not bed at midnight-1am and begin with my night routine. 

I hope I can stick to all these plans and also write posts about some of them! Tell me what you'd like to see! Do you have monthly goals? What are they? Comment below! 


  1. YAS GIRL! You can do it! SO proud of you for how much you've grown in your routines!!

    1. Thank you babe! I owe so much to you and Pam for always encouraging me and keeping me on track! I'm happier now with better sleep and a wakeup/goodnight routine. :) More to come!

  2. Love your June goals. I just finished my exams, so I have more free time and planning to sit down and make my summer plans and goals


    1. We are going to be starting a monthly goals linkup at the start of each month so come back and join us! 🙃I'll be sure to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You can do it! Let's rock our goals this month! I would love to hear more about your daily routines!

    1. Lets do it! I'm going to check in with you... :)


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