Bloggy Brunch Week 12

Hello and welcome again! I’m glad you’re here and I hope you had a great week and if not, well we can soon start over.
These last few weeks have been struggle bunny for me and just plain stressful. I have been sick with worry about my mom and her current condition *simply put* she isn’t taking care of herself and no one will help her [outside sources]. Anyway, I’m trying to pick up the pace tonight so I can get a few blogs ahead and just feel a bit more steady. I’ve felt very lucky that I have such amazing and supportive blogging besties Pamela and Raewyn who do this great linkup with me.
I’m so happy it’s almost the end of March and along with that almost SPRINGTIME! What are you looking forward to?

I’m gonna do a new blog reap and maybe a little check in as well. Maybe if you haven’t been to my blog a whole lot before now (or on my old blogs) then you’ll like what I’m showing you now.

I have realized that it takes a lot to be successful and I surely want to keep moving forward. It takes time, patience and persistence as well as a strong drive to get things done. I’m working on following through with my commitments because that shouldn’t be hard in the first place. Mostly it’s just prioritizing, scheduling things in a certain order and some time management skills need to be improved. I’ve been using Trello for managing tasks and prioritizing them as well. I really enjoy using a productivity application on my phone called Forest. It’s like a timer but instead it keeps you on one task, the app and if you exit you lose your progress on a game to grow trees. The longer you stay in app, the bigger the trees are and more trees you unlock.
You should check it out!


Friday Coffee Date

If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… This week has flown by. I don’t know where the time is going. March is almost over and I’m not ready for that yet. I’m hoping time will slow down so I can get my goals back in order and strive harder for them.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I felt a little lost in my blog this week and I took a step back (while getting posts out late and unreliable) I am challenging myself to get them up anyway. Consistency is K-E-Y! I’m trying to become more inspired and bounce ideas off everyone and everything- but all the while keeping my priorities in order.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you…  I’m bonding with my husband more lately through some kinda rough days. We haven’t been on the same communication wave length for awhile now and I’m really trying to have a patient ear and pause before responding to keep our tiffs at a minimum. It’s been working well so far and I feel a lot calmer. I know he sees me trying and we’ve been in happier spirits lately.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I’m still worried about the health situation with my mom. I haven’t talked specifics and I won’t. But she’s alone and older and her body is starting to fail her. Getting around daily and taking care of herself is a chore everyday. I’m thinking positively for her and trying to keep in good contact as much as I can.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I’m so excited for spring and the weather has been trying to change lately. I can’t wait to feel the sun beam on my skin again. We’ve had some crazy confusing extreme seasons but I’m ready to get back to hot days and warm nights.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you…I have been obsessed with the Keurig that our roommate got. We’ve been using it more than he has and I’ll tell ya- it’s amazing. We have a serious pod collection and I am loving all that I can make with it. Coffee, tea, iced tea, cocoa, etc. It’s great! My new favorite is this one !
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… I’m sorta dying to get back in the gym soon because we took a long break after Sean got sick and we have a break (didn’t pay gym fees last month) but I am dying to move around and get my circulation flowing. I know I could walk, jog, run etc or do at home workouts but I feel like I can really grind in private at the gym and it’s hard to do anything with two weenies running around.
If were on a coffee date I’d tell you… That I’ve been slaying the Netflix game and I’m so excited that Grace& Frankie is coming back again for season 3 in a week! I just watched Cheer Squad and I screeched and cried through the whole thing. I can tolerate that though being ex-cheerleader myself, it brought back all the right #feels
What is your favorite show on Netflix right now? Have you seen something you liked a lot that you didn’t expect? Tell me.

 If we were on a coffee date, what would you tell me? What are you doing lately? How is life? And how’s the weather where you are? I guess I should be thankful (I think) that the snow is gone.

Why I decided to become a Virtual Assistant

Learning Programs

I’m hoping through the process of it all which began way back in January, when I rebranded and envisioned something new for this blog. I started out with design in a tiny sense of the word- I learned a few components from my blog designer who created this beautiful piece on Etsy. I could customize certain aspects and so as I began writing I did change a few key parts. This continued to learning MailChimp, Hootsuite and Buffer now so my blog can reach more people who might enjoy not only my writing and personality but my insight I have from my life experiences. I know of a lot of helpful programs I’d love to look more into like ConvertKit for down the road, more designing programs like Adobe products and scheduling tools like Tailwind and BoardBooster. There are a ton of helpful programs and sites that VA’s use to make their work more efficient. Hopefully I can get some help in this department and make some moves to expand my own knowledge for my portfolio. In addition to doing it for the work side of it- I also just haven’t learned much in a long time since leaving school. Pushing myself to know more and learn to broaden my horizons is a good idea in any respect.


There’s nothing better than waking up everyday to do something that you love and enjoy. I find myself in this blessed place that I have a unique situation that lends to some job flexibility. I should work and honestly, I want to do something to earn money. But I also know I could not stand and flip burgers all day and be stuck in anything that doesn’t bring me the slightest bit of joy. I know most people on this earth are not that lucky and usually have to slump through the work weeks just to earn a living to do what we all have to in the first place. But since, I am outside that scope- I want to always know I’m doing things that make me thrive and bring me peace at the end of the day. Being passionate is something I will never give up.

Helping Others

I have seen so many people swallowed up by having too many side hustles or ladies who can never focus on one thing because so many ideas consume them (good and unique ideas-of course)! So I’d love to be the one who steps in and helps them slay the digital world while they have to work that 9-5 or tend to that growing, loving family or write a book or podcast. Mainly my objective is to free up as much time for them as I possibly can while still giving them the progress they desire. I’m a writer and social media addict by heart so doing those things in addition to doing my own is something I became very interested in the more I heard about it. Since then I’ve watched, gathered materials and joined groups all about Virtual Assisting and asked quite a few questions of a few that I know are successful in it.

Earn Money

I, like many others would like to be paid for my hard work and I feel I deserve what is fitting based on knowledge and quality of work done. Basically anyone doing any kind of hard work whether it be hard labor or digital tech stuff- you want to have compensation for it. In my special circumstance I’m using my earnings for more programs, upgrades for my blog website and any kind of materials I may need for my Virtual Assisting site. I offer fair prices and don’t intent to rip off anyone in any way. I’ve eased into a few easy beginner jobs slowly as I learn. So I want to get the hang of a few things will potential clients before I dive off any deep ends.

Love Being Online

I started an online social media life in late 2005 with MySpace when I moved out right before I graduated. It was my first experience really being on my own (at a friends place- I felt watched over but not over-protected). I felt like I had a chance to meet other new people and be my best adult self. I was always checking in and tweaking my profile, updating the factoids and taking selfies. I opened a Facebook a few years later to befriend old classmates who I had moved away from and lost track of in my life. I followed along the years as Tumblr and Instagram came out as well as Pinterest and Twitter (in whatever actual order). Being online is fun to me, seeing inside someone’s world and connecting to others in a new way.

Networking With Others

Working with others as my friends and coworkers in the blogosphere is one of my favorite things. I love hearing other peoples’ ideas and goals, their vibes and what they want to accomplish. I love to hand out my help or some advice wherever I possibly can. I know that working online is somewhat of a joint effort in that when I don’t know how to do something I can find someone to teach me or to pass it on to another person better suited. Building clientele is also usually done by word of mouth and passed on from networking with others. Plus, it’s a great skill to have in any case, from blogging to VA services- you can learn a lot and bounce ideas off each other.

If you’d like to contact me for any VA services or collabs please email me at

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6 ways to make and keep online friends

So today I’m going to talk about friendship and if you don’t have a lot of close people in your life, the ways you can connect with new friends and people you have commonalities with online. There’s no rule about only knowing people in real life (or “IRL”) because the way I see it, it’s all real life. No matter where you are the internet connects us, we are all intertwined. We all do this life together one way or another- so be someone’s best friend. 
  • be that friend that you’d like to have
Lead by example. Trust is so big in a friendship and so is honesty- if you want to keep friends in any sense these are two qualities and skills you must possess and practice often. Be someone that they can depend on and be that in return as well. No flaking out, don’t be lazy, don’t mooch or be too selfish. No one wants to be around that sort of person. Always be nice and genuine and express gratitude when appropriate. Say Please and thank you! Those still go a long way.
  • stay in touch often
I’m not talking once a month or when so and so comes into town. I was once lazy about precious friendships and surely I lost those people in my life. We no longer speak. Too much time passed and too many things were left unsaid- our bonds disappeared and we crumbled. It doesn’t work if you aren’t committed to each other. Daily, weekly for sure and as much and as often as you can the better. The perfect advice I have is if you’re thinking about them, they are probably thinking about you. So take a moment to reach out and say Hi!
  • be there through thick and thin
Who do you want by your side  when things get hard or even when things are going good? Those who support you and cradle you are the true ones. When someone is down or having a hard time what do you do for others? You listen without talking,  relate some maybe and overall have a gentle demeanor. So when you need someone you want the type of person who will do the same. When things are good you celebrate and cheer each other on, so do plenty of that too!
  • share interests and common goals
Whether it’s writing, blogging, playing games, motherhood, crafting or DIY’ing- whatever it is you love to do, your passion is your tribe. You find your tribe by loving your passion. Take time to brainstorm and talk about your dreams, goals and desires- it grows a friendship by collaborating on a project or being a sounding board for someone. If someone needs your help or advice on a project be there and support them as best you can. It’s fun to find things in common when you are not able to be close- I often send pins to my mommyhood friends and wedding decor to those who are getting married and might appreciate my aesthetic. Or I make a fun playlist and give it to someone I know would enjoy a workout playlist or a work mode jam session. It’s really nice to think of others and will only strengthen that bond.  
“Do small things with  great love.” (Mother Teresa)
  • share about yourself and don’t be afraid to connect
To be a true friend you have to put yourself out there. It’s much like being in a relationship- you need to be vulnerable and trust that the other person will trust and respect you and you do the same in return. It’s a give and take that can either come naturally or be very difficult. All those yucky things in the corner of your mind, slowly open up all those feelings that helps dust off the cobwebs of your life- plus I promise, it feels way good to share the good stuff and the tough stuff too!
  • try these ways to communicate when you’re far apart
  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Twitter (and other social media accounts-Instagram, Pinterest etc)
  3. Facebook Chats
  4. Snapchat
  5. Emails
  6. Letters/pen pals
  7. FaceTime (if you’re both Apple users)
  8. Slack
  9. blog comments
  10. talk to text/voice messaging or apps like Voxer
  11. and make plans to visit if at all possible.
I’m hoping that these points help you make and keep some great new friends online that can become your IRL tribe- because my girls have become mine! 🙂 Thank you to Pam, Rae, Taush and Krysten- I know there’s many more but I’d ride or die for these four, love ya all so much!

Bloggy Brunch Week 11

Hello and welcome everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! My own headspace has been a little bit all over the place. I already talked about my mom I believe but she’s having some just getting older/daily care issues so we are trying to reach out and help her some. It’s been somewhat of a battle.
I’ve been trying to work on recreating a page for my VA biz and making the most sense of these service packages. I think I have a good process going but we will see because I haven’t ‘tested’ them yet. I’m also trying to get my newsletter off the ground so I’ve been posting it at the end of each post.

This week I’m choosing Inspire the Best You post on “What depression and anxiety means to her
because I believe in how important it is to talk about mental health. Depression and anxiety have these negative contexts but why are they that way? It shouldn’t be. There are so many people suffering and being quiet about it. It only exacerbates the problem and doesn’t solve anyone’s’ issues. I’m proud that she is talking about it and opening up her blog for conversation. I am a survivor/fighter of someone who took their life. I will miss him everyday but I believe in getting help when you need it. Talk to ANYONE. It will immediately make you feel better, relieved, less bogged down etc. If you feel you need to- always calla crisis or help line because they are always there 24.7 to help when maybe it’s not enough. I want to link this article that I found on Facebook the other day as well- it was moving from both perspectives. It impacted me in ways I didn’t realize, take a minute to read it and pass it on.
I also think people underestimate anxiety and what it does to those who fully have it in any capacity. I have been told I’m exaggerating, being pathetic, making it up and so on. I am not.  There is no choice involved in this which ails me, if there were I would not be choosing it. Or tolerating it each day. I was previously on medication personally and I didn’t always think that it’s for me. I ebb and flow, some days are worse than others but I also highly value life a lot more over the years and would never do anything to hurt myself even in those darkest moments where I have been before. I hope you seek help if you need to and know I’m always here for you. Privately email me if you’d like.

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