Couples’ Q&A {from the archives}

 Things have been crazy and crazy good so I will do this one fun post then bring you up to date.

I got this one from Mackey Madness and decided to do it for fun as well. Thanks!

How long have you been together?
Together for 8 years, Married for almost 8 years.
How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Not long. A week maybe, we dated for 7 months before marriage but the whole thing was fast.
Who asked who out?
I think I did when I kissed him at my door of my dorm room.
Did you go to the same school?
No, different towns but pretty close. We had mutual friends so it wasn’t inevitable.
Who is the most sensitive?
Me, called me Mrs Tears a lot.
What about pets?
Bouncer and Maggie- dachshunds and a hedgehog named Shortie
Where do you eat out most as a couple?
I love Olive Garden most now I think and we both still love Outback
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Nowhere. We still need to take a good vacation…
Who has the craziest exes?
That would be me, the crazy guy he saved me from!
Who has the worst temper?
He does, but it’s much better than it once was. I’m not a very angry rage type of person.
Who does the cooking?
HA! same response as Mackey Madness- WHAT COOKING!?!
Who is more social?
I think he is. I used to be and now I’m pretty quiet.
Who is the neat freak?
We both are equally messy and neat.
Who is the most stubborn?
I am the most. He is too, but not as much as I. 
Who hogs the bed?
The dogs do 
Who wakes up earlier?
He does. I love to sleep in and not go to bed very early either. But I’m grumpy if I get no sleep. 
Where was your first date?
Macaroni Grill
How long did it take to get serious?
Fast. Within a month or two I wanted it all.. Marriage, kids, white picket fence, we were very open about wanting the same things with each other.
Who eats more?
Both. I have times and he has times.
Who does the laundry?
I do. But he is good at helping.
Who drives when you are together?
He does. No license for me yet or any time soon. 
Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong?
Him. I’m bad at this, need to work on being ‘wrong’.
Who wears the pants in the relationship?
We both do. No one person controls the other, I just want it to be mutual responsibilities and commitment.
Who eats more sweets?
Oh I do, when I get a craving- watch out!

Getting To Know You: Religion

I was raised in an age of naivety when parents (usually) didn’t talk to their kids about sex, drugs, politics or religion. At least it’s what I know of my family, my spouse’s0 family  and my friends around me. We were let to figure it out on our own. Which is somehow a blessing and a curse. I was in tune with making my own decisions but when the hard questions came- they weren’t discussed. It was all hush hush. God (or what have you) is a hard thing to discuss, somehow not tangible, lengthy and complicated. However I do remember having a children’s bible and I did flip through it once and awhile although mostly for the great illustrations. To be fair, I never had too many questions about God and it seems I just somehow learned innately ‘who he was’ and why people die.

Religion in my family was sort of the same- it had faded and fizzled out before I was a thought. My older siblings had it and my parents themselves were coerced to have it dumped upon them in their youth. But I, never had the experience- and I honestly don’t know what I think of that. I know we would occasionally go for easter mass at a local lutheran church with my maternal grandparents who lived next door to, also where I went to preschool. Maybe that’s where and how I learned some of it without even knowing or realizing. However I do know that it was mostly naps, singing songs and playtime so I don’t know what I could have gotten from it.

I really didn’t even get too curious about God, religion or faith (or lack thereof) until I had something to feel loss about. My maternal grandmother I was very close to had just died pretty suddenly and I wasn’t prepared. The thought of death was lost on me until losing her. So when I really knew she wouldn’t ‘come back’ it hit me, and it hit me hard. I begged God why and to bring her back to me (even if just in a dream or vision). Well both of those things happened and it peaked my curiousity. Mom didn’t think I was crazy for having ‘seen her’ but she hoped and wished she’d have the same experience. She encouraged me to keep talking to her at night and feel comforted by the fact that I had ten years with her and she was still watching over me.

Well getting back to religion, I always wondered why I was of few families I knew who didn’t do a Sunday church. Instead our family (mandatory) Sunday dinners with my upscale, paternal side of the family. There was a grace prayer said but didn’t feel like anything to me- similar to a thanks, nothing more nothing less. I wasn’t confused by religion so much but it didn’t have a huge part to play either. My paternal grandparents also went to church in some form or another (can’t remember which denomination, presbyterian?) but it wasn’t really talked about that much. On that side of my family, I got humanitarianism and culture shoved down my throat. Some was nice but mostly, I was just trying to be a normal kid.

When I was 10 or 11 I started going to a few community churches with friends and their families as I asked more and more about it at home. It was a safe way for me to explore; I guess and not be forced or misguided. It was interesting, they were all so vastly different. And I went to a couple that I was NOT interested in. The experience was the fun part and choosing where I wanted to fall back or dive in. I found the upbeat, modern musical churches- some larger churches, were an okay comfortable space for me. So I went a lot with my friend Kaysee to her community church and I enjoyed listening to their church band so much that I bought the CD. Later on as I became more social that was where I felt more comfortable in a youth group setting. I was meeting new people, sharing faith and speaking out in safe circles of friends. That was fun really until I moved away and I never found a youth group like that again.

When we got married there was a pastor named Pete, he was so great! Truly uplifting, happy all the time and wise as heck! I trusted him and believed in his messages every Sunday. I was getting invested. We had to have a marriage counseling session(s) so we went and really it was A) over my spiritual head and B) I wasn’t buying a lot of it. It raised a conflict and I didn’t wanna continue. We got married there but stopped going shortly after. I do really still know that Pete is a great person and am amazing guide.

I guess to this day I never really learned what role religion plays in my life. I don’t feel like it’s something I’m missing but that changes day to day. I’m not super altered by it although sometimes I wish I had a practice to believe in and go to. I’m not atheist or agnostic but I’m a God beginner and I think I will always be stuck there in the starting gate. I don’t think being a _________ is going to church. I don’t think you have to be “part” of some organized religion to call yourself something. I think being a good person triumphs over all. I do have FAITH and I always will. But I also wish it’s a part of me that I’d just figure out or put my attention on.

These days I’m super uncomfortable in churches- I’ve been to way too many funerals by now and it’s not a happy place anymore. It’s daunting, scary and makes my nerves crawl. Do I believe that God brings people to heaven? Yes. Do I believe in Hell? To a certain degree, no. I do believe all my loved ones despite their actions and choices are all in heaven and awaiting the day I can see and be with them again. I also believe that God won’t hand me anything I can’t handle. I got mad when it first happened but with all the trials and lessons he’s put me through- how can I not believe that? I’ve had a hard life and made some bad choices but haven’t we all?! And I know that no matter what- God has my back, in the light and especially in the dark.

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Bloggy Brunch Week 13

Welcome to this sunny Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great and peaceful weekend and gotten lots of things accomplished. I’m trying to get all my production and motivation hacks together to make myself get more done. I’m trying to keep on a good posting schedule but I’m also on a new journey being a VA and that is bringing a lot of new time management skills. I’m hoping to get a new planner soon to amp up my skills.


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Amazing Podcasts that I Love to Listen to


Recently, I’ve been listening to more podcasts than music and I wanted to share my favorites with you. Podcasts are becoming ever more popular and most blogger or entrepreneur is finding a personal way to create a new podcast expanding their brand and knowhow. It’s been really great though as I read more and watch less TV (only occasionally now) and listen to more- I feel like my brain is exercising and that’s a great feeling. I really hope you like my suggestions and download them for your spare time or travel time even. Let me know what you think- love or hate in the comments below! Tell me if you have a favorite too that I may not know about.

The Balanced Blonde

A podcast from a sweet gal running a blog and on social media as The Balanced Blonde. I just listened to her latest podcast when she talked to Mary Beth LaRue a soul coach and yoga teacher who helps the introvert become a successful person by owning their fears and overcoming them. She talks to many professionals and gets advice on various topics in life. It’s a great talk show and relates back to the blog and her content- I would definitely check it out if you’re into many lifestyle blogs.

Making Marriage More

I love this podcast like so so much! It’s my favorite podcast on marriage, family and relationships- also faith too but I’m sort of biased. Jeff and Mandy Rose are a couple I’ve been following for years through blogs and social media. Their family is near ideal and I just adore them to pieces. They make it clear their lives aren’t perfect and between the giggling, teasing and marriage tiffs’- it’s a hilarious show you never wanna miss. You laugh, cry and ponder things in your life and how you can make your marriage more. 

Coffee with Chrachel

Coffee with Chrachel is a daily mix of  entertainment to news, to celebs and randomness between it all. It’s truly a live chat (or brain dump) with a couple of young Seattlites, Chris and Rachel-who just really love chatting and drinking coffee. It’s funny and who knows where the conversation will end up- but isn’t that half the fun to a morning talk show? 

Ladies who Lunch

This podcast is from two YouTubers who I adore Cat and Ingrid and while I’ve only listened to a couple episodes- it warms my heart to hear them talk about real and raw things in this world. A wide variety of topics like life, love, sexuality, gender roles, friendship, news and media and more! It’s a neat podcast and I never make assumptions on each episode because they are lovely and random and chatty. It always feels like I’m sitting in the room with them as my two best friends. Definitely check them out and if you’d like more- here are their channels on YT as well.

The Lively Show

This weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to your everyday. Episodes touch on various aspects of our lives including possessions, personal habits, relationships, and career. Entrepreneurship and online business also appear from time to time. (from description on iTunes)

I would also highly suggest listening to this one especially when working on self discovery and self development. It’s great!

Where Passion Meets Truth

It’s brand new! So go download it now and just take a listen. From my friends Raewyn and Megan who are two self love gurus and entrepreneurs and not to mention- two badass ladies! I’ve loved the first few episodes: an introduction, one featuring money mindset and one talking about how confidence shapes your mindset. Shield Sisters Initiative website is where it’s all based- if you’re not  already following and or a part of the movement JOIN US!

Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is another wonderful and hilarious YouTuber who I cannot get enough of! I’ve been listening and watching for over 2 years now and after seeing his movie called “Snervous” I am even more obsessed with his personality, dedication and humor. He and his best friend and co-speaker talk about news and media, random stories and adventures they go on. It’s the greatest podcast for when you’re feeling down- I can’t get through a podcast without laughing.

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Currently March

currently drinking//
I’ve been on a continuous kick of english breakfast tea and coconut mocha k cup with vanilla creamer! I haven’t been good at drinking water regularly except at night.

currently eating//
I’ve been eating some of these Velveeta mac n cheese and Hershey’s chocolate eggs to be quite honest.

currently reading//
miracle morning is still being read on some nights when I can’t sleep or focus. I’m excited for a list of books I have on my bookshelf up next too. If you’re not too busy- you should come read more on my blog or come link up with us on Bloggy Brunch on sundays.

currently obsessed on//
The Voice. Man, I wish I could sing like some of these people and amazing- young kids! It’s mind blowing and if you’re not watching this season you should be…

currently looking forward to//
april. new month, new objective, fresh start. I’m really looking forward to buying a new used car, a larger more efficient one.

currently inspired by//
I’m also paying a lot of attention to brush lettering and calligraphy- lots of talented people I follow.

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