Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bloggy Brunch Week 9

I'm ready for March to be here, this month has sorta been hard. I've been trying to figure out how to get ahead, batch write and mass schedule somehow. I've had no motivation and next to no concentration to form ideas or do what I know what I should be getting done daily, weekly, etc. But I'm still finding so many ways to be and remain positive. It took me all night to just write this little bit however I'm glad I got it down. I'm beginning into my Virtual Assisting role and looking for potential clients. I'm looking for bloggers/entrepreneurs who are so busy or have a side hustle and cannot manage to juggle all the tasks? Then I'm your gal! Email me or look here: Work With Me

Ch-ch-changes by Burke Does

Emilie is overhauling and redesigning her blog and if you aren't familiar with her yet- go check her blog out and get on the subscription list. She is that fabulous, amazing and  super sweet to everyone! I love how her design has evolved and changed only slightly but also totally matured along with her. I love her writing style is so journalistic and personal, relatable but very helpful and full of truth. I've been following her for years and I really enjoy reading it (and sharing it).

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Friday

Hello everyone! I hope your week was well and that as February comes to a close you are feeling happy and fulfilled.
I love this linkup and I often participate in it to share happiness with others. I also co-admin for the group that Krysten and I are a part of: #AuthenticBloggers if you want to join just request and someone will add you (as long as you are not SPAM). It's a great way to make new friends and see what is happening in everyone's life.

1. Watching Netflix crime documentary series
2. Listening to new podcasts
3. Getting magazines in the mail
4. working on virtual assistant page
5. journaling more and more
6. playing Township
7. Crossing Jordan
8. Velveeta Mac N Cheese
9. cuddling with the puppies
10. beautiful crystals

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bad Habits I Need to Change in 2017

*Affiliate links are included in this post. I did my online window shopping on Amazon and since I'm an affiliate, it seemed fitting to include them in this post. They don't hurt you in any way. They help you find the items I mention and they help me keep the blog up and running for your enjoyment!*

Biting my nails

I've been a chronic nail biter for years and I've mentioned this before how I don't know why i started it. I think it's stress/boredom related but I haven't pinpointed it yet. I need to cut back and usually have fake nails on but instead I need to stop it. So my nerves need to go somewhere- I've tried the stinky nail polish and all that mumbo jumbo, none of it works for me. 

Not answering people back (mostly calls/emails)

Usually I will text like cray, cray. But I'm not a good phone caller or emailer- usually, my email grammar and dialect is nothing to be desired but I'm working on it as I become more professional. I don't feel very confident or comfortable being on the phone. I don't know why I have had so many bad experiences on the phone so I equate it to that.   

Not cleaning up after dinner/dishes never get into dishwasher

It's easy to get caught up by making food and eating that by the time that you need to clean the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. But a good way to keep your kitchen clean constantly is to do them directly after you eat or as you cook. And if you clean them or pile them in the sink, they can live there for hours or days (sometimes longer). But if you don't want your house getting stinky of dirty dishes then try to make a habit of cleaning your kitchen before bed.

Going too long without shower/dry shampoo on 4th day hair

I am not a disgusting person I promise but sometimes it takes me an extra day or two to pull myself together. Dry shampoo is a miracle worker my favorite one to use is this one by Living Proof   OR (this one by Amika). Perfume goes a long way but I feel a million times better after a hot shower with some wet body moisturizer and shaving those legs (after winter leaves us-ha ha) So creating a daily routine is definitely needed in my life sooner than later.

Never using my brand new planner

Speaking of making a daily routine- this is where and when my new beautiful planner would come in handy. I don't have hourly time commitments but I'll use it more for all my daily to-do's and appointments I may have. I need to incorporate colors and washi tape to motivate me more. I do really enjoy the goals part of the planner but I need a wider, space for daily and not as much for weekly or other areas of my life. Writing in my plans for my week is a good practice so I need to keep doing that. What do you do in your weekend that helps during the week?

Never hanging up my clean clothes

Doing the laundry is one of my favorite things but putting them all away for over an hour is NOT. I hate the tedious manner in which hanging up all my clothes except my pants and pajamas takes all the time in the world. I hurt my back usually doing it, I'm short so it's a lot more difficult and I try to set up a system to get it done quicker. I put everything on hangers on my bed, I put away all my under-things and socks (same for husbands things) and then I grab a step stool so I can then put it nearest the side of clothes to put up first. All the while, however long it takes me I am normally listening to music or podcasts or an audio book on my Amazon Echo Dot. I have been attempting a color ordered wardrobe so wish me luck to keep that up.

Not drinking enough water

I despise drinking flavorless water. Tap water-yuck. It has to be cold and not taste like nothing. by eating green, leafy and watery veggies and foods that contain water of their own. I avoid drinking plain water as much as I can. But I can drink it if I'm really needing it (my body craves it) and if I'm honestly feeling hot or dehydrated it's the first thing I will do. I use water enhancers to combat my detest to mucky 'ol drinking water. I love lemonade and berry flavors. You can instead buy a infuser but I have a very nice smart water bottle so I use that one.

Writing posts last minute/procrastination/preoccupied brain

And lastly, this post is very last moment but I hope it's helpful and fun to point out some great things that I (and maybe you) want to change for this year. I procrastinate with the best of them by watching hours of a silly show that won't change my life. Or often spending hours looking through social media at bloggers and people I don't know and won't meet. I put too much emphasis on this in my daily life so it's time to break that. Often I think I am a master at the multi-task. I have indeed learned I am not. I like to pretend I am and stay busy while darting around my computer, house and through my phone but it isn't very productive and hasn't gotten me far. So while I wish I could do ten things at once; I'm sure mommies and daddies wish they could too. One thing at a time that's my new rule. And it's proven itself here.
The End

Monday, February 20, 2017

How Blogging Made Me A Better Person

I know a lot of bloggers who write similar posts about how they got started or how it feels to be a writer. But usually it's along the lines of "Why I Blog" or "How Blogging has Changed Me" but how it's made me a better person. There had never been anything I cared about more before blogging. I wasted my time and felt pointless. I hope that in the time I've created these spaces I have changed or brought joy to someone's life. 

Creative Outlet

I haven't held onto any kind of hobby for this long. Sometimes it doesn't even feel real, that I get to just sit on the computer and put my thoughts and feelings down for others to read and enjoy. I cannot believe it's truly been the best 7 years of my life! Aside from being married all that time as well, I've never been so proud for sticking with something before. I love to write,  I always have.

Improved My Writing

My writing has definitely improved over these past seven years. I'm still always learning and growing as far as typing and grammar go but, it's been a journey. I have started to work on making my titles better and including everything in each post that I need to so it can be successful. Aesthetically though I have worked hard in creating a post theme and layout that works. I always include a signature and "call to action" when I have one available. 

Built Lifelong Friendships

I've started and grown some of the best friendships that will last a lifetime. I've bonded and shared with these new women in my life who are similar to me and busy following their dreams. Collaborating with like minded people makes you more creative and think harder than you do on a daily basis. I trust them with giving me vision, opinions and brutal honesty when I need it.  I hope that someday we can all meet face to face but screen to screen is close enough for right now. They don't feel like my real friends- they are my real friends. Actually I often speak with online blogging friends more than people in my own home town. But why that is, I don't know. I love them both personally and professionally.

Sense of Confidence and Self-Development

Blogging has done one major thing in my life and that's helped me cut out negative people who always took me for granted/manipulated me. I learned to trust others around me and everything my gut tells me. When I have the slightest intuition it's usually right. I'm much more confident in myself than I was when I began. In addition, blogging makes me want to be a better person in my self development-become a more well rounded person. And so far,  it's working! 

Memory Book

I love coming up with posts and personal stories to share with friends and family. Because I've been blogging here for so long and gone through so many changes and titles, it is literally a living memory book. My favorite thing is to go back, update and relive all the good, bad and the ugly times. It's a comfort that I have every detail recorded somewhere. Seeing a timeline of how I've changed and grown into my own person is also pretty neat to have for keepsake. It's really neat knowing that I have record of so many things I've done big or small.


This has been a difficult one because I'm not the best at scheduling things in my everyday life. I'm continually working on making a daily schedule and an editorial calendar so I can stay on track for my blog deadlines. Having everything happen on time is something I can really take pride in. I use many tools like Hootsuite and Trello to stay on top of my time management needs to keep to a schedule or deadline. I also really love the app called Forest which is a fun concentration game where you cannot exit once the time starts making you be productive on your single task in a sense. Unable to use your phone for 30 mins more or less- definitely cuts down on my darting tendencies. If you have troubles in this area I highly reccomend looking on Pinterest for ideas or following my Productivity board here. Or my Motivation board here

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bloggy Brunch Week 8

The end of the week usually brings either relief from a hard work week or regret from not getting enough done. I however have landed somewhere in the middle- happy with staying on track for blogging but also wishing that some other tasks had gotten checked off. As I'm typing I'm also scrambling to get a newsletter up for this week-Monday or Tuesday I hope.
This is my personal pick for the week. I really enjoyed this post about all the things you can do together based on the love languages.

50+ Date Ideas that fit your Love Language

I love this post giving me all kinds of fantastic date night ideas. How to tell what we would both love based on our love languages which are polar opposites (his=physical touch and words, mine=acts of service and gifts). It can be tricky sometimes to find an activity we want to do together at the same time- so personally this was very helpful for our future date nights.

Go to Pamela and Raewyn's blogs too to see what they're posts of the week were and what is going on in their lives!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

[Book Review] Feisty and Fearless:Nice Girls CAN be leaders

This is the review of Feisty and Fearless on Goodreads Review
A few words about it and what others said:-
"In Feisty & Fearless: Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders:

• The characteristics of effective leaders
• 14 Exercises to guide you through your work in becoming a more effective leader
• Discover that Caring is one of the keys to authentic leadership

Read stories of women leaders:
• An artist who empowers children
• A successful CEO who puts her family first
• A divorced mother who reinvented herself to provide for her children
• An actress turned successful business owner who heals a family rift
• A child leader
• A company leader who thinks empowering others is her main job
• A world-renowned expert and author who puts her ego aside
• A feminist who lets nothing stop her in her work to have women learn how to be safe

“Wow, at last! Here is a feminist voice that covers discrimination of all colors and sizes – bigotry against women, Jews, immigrants, having red hair, too little money and too much, fat, bossy. The list is endless.” Carolyn Howard-Johnson, award-winning author of Imperfect Echoes

"We all have a back story, the failures and the poor decision making we recognise when we look back on our lives, and Pauline Is refreshingly frank about her own ups and downs. Her determination to step up and show responsibility is a practical manual in leadership skills which will inspire and motivate many women."
Karen Abrams Lawyer/Lecturer, U.K."

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Currently: February

This month is already half over! Who else didn't feel like yesterday was Valentine's Day? Because it felt weird to me. We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day but we have so many other dates in the year that we buy presents for and celebrate loving each other. So yesterday we simply spent the day at home together and Sean made me dinner. He used to make this wine cooked chicken when we first dated so he decided the night before to suggest making it again. And the side of corn which was yummy too.  It was so delicious! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day and a good week so far.

Reading...  I finished Feisty & Fearless a few weeks ago so I have started the second month of Book Club for SSI. This month the book that was chosen is Miracle Morning, I started it and got a few chapters in so far so good.

Wishing... It was Spring. It's starting to warm up a tiny bit and I'm excited to enjoy the warm weather and nice spring/summer clothes. My closet is screaming at me and things wanting to be worn soon.

Writing... I have been writing and blogging steadily and it makes me very, very happy to know that I'm being consistent with it. I enjoy sharing my life and thoughts with you.

Watching... I just finished watching When Calls The Heart and it was so good. I enjoyed the first two seasons and can't wait for more to come to Netflix. I just started a show called "Crazy Ex Girlfriend" and it's kind of a comedy spoof show but I like it. BREAKING NEWS: The Golden Girls is on HULU. You should run not walk to go watch it now!

Listening... I've been still stuck on audio books. I bought a few new ones I'll share the titles with you. I STILL need to read You are a Badass. I keep getting into new book and I really wanted to read Miracle Morning so maybe next month!
-Talking as fast as I can by Lauren Graham
-Troublemaker by Leah Remini
-Seriously, I'm kidding by Ellen Degeneres
-BossyPants-Tina Fey
-Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
-Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Planning... Lots of exciting projects coming up and hoping to guest post and collab with more people! I am loving this blog and where it's headed.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Things I Can't Live Without: On My Nightstand

*This post uses affiliate links. They don't harm the reader (you) in any way, but they do help keep the blog running by bringing in a little money.*

water bottle

I'm not the greatest water drinker however, when I'm thirsty or feel thirsty I'm surely dehydrated. Which is NOT good but I dislike water with a passion. It's not something I make my daily routine or naturally gravitate towards. But now I'm back trying to guzzle down all the water I can to avoid beig dehydrated and feeling so thirsty all the time. I always have a big bottle before bed and I end up drinking it all through the night. I found this bottle-> Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid, Teal last year and it definitely motivates me like a fitbit to drink more- plus it's fun to track on my fitbit/water minder app which will remind me every 30 mins or so and will also track on fitbit and health apple apps. 

a book

A couple good books on my lamp side table, although I tend to read more on Kindle or recently through audio books. Cuddling up with a good book and cozy blanket is one of the best things you can do on a lazy sunday. I love the power a good book holds within its' chapters between its' covers. To take the reader on an explorative journey no matter where it may lead. If you'd like to follow me on Goodreads to keep up with books I love and am reading. Right now I'm reading Miracle Morning and also You are a Badass

jewelry dish

I have a jewelry dish with a quote on it and I just love looking at it daily. It says:
"This is my prayer for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter  to kiss your lips, success to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see,  friendships to brighten  your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence  for when you doubt,  courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, love to complete your life."
I like to take my rings off before bed because they tend to slip off during the night. I take my two special necklaces off there too. I've had this Amy Cornwell angel necklace (which she no longer makes) for years now and this one (similar) I found at Kohl's a few years back.


I have continually talked about this but it's really been that great for me. The Instant Happy Journal has changed the way I think about things and about the parts of my day. I try to act kinder in the midst of writing my way through this daily. It's small and manageable so you don't get behind easily (unless you're me). But I find I can keep writing in it for hours when I sit down and enjoy it. At first it was suggested to me by a vlogger I follow on YouTube, Marissa Lace. If I've convinced you that it'll change your life- then go buy it now or wait until next paycheck because it's not dated and you can feel free to use it or begin whenever you want to. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bloggy Brunch Week 7

This was a crazy hectic week because I have been working on my very first sponsored post. Most bloggers probably wouldn't share that but I'm so lucky that I was chosen for this opportunity so I'm working really hard on it, slowly. It's due this next week so after that I'll be starting all kinds of new projects as well.

How to Organize a small linen closet was one of my favorites from this past week. I'm in a place that I want to start downsizing and becoming more minimalistic. I have never felt this way but the cleaning and organization part is what I enjoyed the most and it changed my mind. So I'm going to move to start in one spot and downsize, simplify my home room by room.

Mistakes I made in Blogging I loved this post and as much as it inspired me I was also moved by it because it was "real and relatable" not just written as a blog post.  She talks about all the things she failed to do from the start and to make her blog grow to become stronger. It helps other bloggers see that you don't have to A) be perfect or even B, start out 'doing it all' right from the beginning.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! 

I hope the end of your week was lovely and productive, mine wasn't quite as progressive as I would have liked. Like I said last time if you're new here I love this link-up. I adore Krysten and Lindsay so you should definitely go follow them and be sure to link up every friday to this wonderful community of bloggers. 

1. Valentine's Day chocolate
3. texting in BitMoji's to my sister or friends
5. Kindle Unlimited-Miracle Morning
6.Doing my laundry to a good playlist
7. still loving my Instant Happy Journal
8. YouTube marathons with new vloggers I've found
9. Writing lists (like this one!) or using 52 weeks of Happiness book
10.Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, 5.3 Ounce-especially when I need it

 There's not a lot of new things happening in my world besides trying to get all my posts out on time. I wanted to tell you that my newsletter edition one was LIVE last week so the next one will be on Valentine's Day so sign up now if you haven't yet. You'll also get my first opt-in which is a beginners checklist to writing blog posts so there's nothing you forget! I found it very helpful and I use it to this day to make sure every post is complete before I hit publish. I have lots of neat things coming up on the blog so stay tuned! Be sure to link up with these gals on their blogs! 

*****Also if you or anyone you know needs Virtual Assisting for your blog or business, please let me know! I'm taking clients now! Or email me at

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ten Valentine's Day Gifts Under 30$

I thought with Valentine's Day coming up soon it's the usual thing to share some gift ideas and follow the holidays. Maybe you'll find these ideas helpful and all under $30 because we may not all have a good Valentines Day budget to work with. Plus small gifts are just as special and can sometimes mean even more to me. I hope some of you like these nice Etsy things I picked out and remember it's nice to shop small and support local businesses and homemade items when you can!

large initial necklace-$29.00 same day shipping!

'i love you' hidden message mug-$19.29

Floral phone case in iphone & andriod-$25+

Map Heart print (husband, wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, fiance etc)- $5.00

Personalized Cutting Board-$25.00+

Spoon set "i belong with you/you belong with me"-$29.99

Handmade Bath Bomb set of 12-$20

Wristlet Wallet-$25

Ceramic Jewelry/Ring Dish- $26

Wine Socks-$14

Monday, February 6, 2017

Who Should You Be Keeping in Your Life?

Sometimes I need something new on the blog and I don't often get offers to share guest posts about anything new like health, fitness or self care (although I'm writing more of that now). Here I have Alicia from The Happy Hippie, she is a easy going, happy, healthy person and I wanted to feature her here on the blog. She reached out to me after I asked for guest posts in the Blog & Biz BFFs Facebook Group. I'm excited to see what she has for us today and I hope she becomes a new friend here and you all can go follow her and subscribe to her blog.

This quote speaks to me in a lot of different ways.  I try to always be the best version of myself that I can possibly be and I try to surround myself with those who bring out that side of me.  In my 21 years of life, I have found some amazing people who do just this.  I have also found people who have brought out the worst of me, those people are no longer in my life because that is a version of myself I never want to see again.  It is so important to take yourself out of toxic situations.  How do you know if it is toxic?  You might find yourself asking this question right about now.

This quote brings this word right out in the open.  If someone who you think is someone important to you is just constantly stressing you out, they aren’t actually bringing out the best version of you, they are bringing out the stressed version of you.

If you are always feeling negative around this person, or as if you are being brought down, leave.  No one should ever make you feel bad about yourself.  We are all unique human beings who deserve to feel empowered on a daily basis.  No one should take this away from you.  If they do, walk away.

Feeling the Need to Impress
If you are feeling as though you always need to impress someone, they probably aren’t the right person for you to be spending your time with.  You should be able to feel confident in who you are as a person.  You are unique, which is something no one can take away from you.

Toxic people can secretly be making your life worse.  You should feel confident and empowered around those who are put in your life to bring out the best in you.  What does this kind of relationship look like?

No matter the relation to someone in your life, you should feel confident around them.  You should be able to be yourself.  They should love you as much as you love yourself.  You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or afraid.  You should feel happy and confident.

I have talked about feeling empowered a lot, but what does this actually mean?  This word can be taken in a lot of different contexts but I feel as though someone who empowers you, is someone who supports you and has confidence in whatever you are doing.  These are some of the most positive people you can be around.

We are going to have bad days.  Someone who brings out the best in you is going to support you, be a shoulder to cry on, give you advice, tell you the truth, even if it is not what you want to hear.  These are the people you can depend on!

In a world of billions of people, it can be hard to find your people.  But when you are trying to decide whether a person is meant to be in your life, take a look at this post.  If they fit into any of the first three categories, they are probably better off not having the honor of being in your presence.  But, if they fit into the bottom three, keep them around, they have to be pretty genuine to make such an impact in your life.

And never forget, positive vibes only!

Hello! My name is Alicia and I am so glad to meet you! I am a 21 year old girl who wants to make the world a better place in any way I can! I am an aspiring teacher who does not go anywhere without her pup Brindle.  I love to cook what I think is sophisticated food and binge watch Bob’s Burgers.  To learn more about me and my positive vibes, check out my blog

Thanks for letting me feature you and show everyone about self love and how you can easily "cut the fat" so to speak. I think you have a great blog and we will be fast friends in no time! Until next time!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bloggy Brunch Week 6

Can you BELIEVE it's February already? Holy Cow! It's kind of insane. This year has just started and is flying by quicker than usual. It's been a whirlwind month already and as much as I got done it's still only about 98% of 100. I got my newsletter done but not published yet and I did get my Va services up and published but only did one small job yet. So I'll be busting my buns for February to be twice as productive as January was and I hope you follow me on my way. #slaygirlslay

10 Ways to keep a Positive Attitude in the Winter
This is a great and very useful post for people with seasonal affective disorder or folks that can't balance themselves in the cold, dark winter months. A guide in ways to be happier and a healthier you in small ways daily and ways to take advantage of it instead of the dread. Spending time with family and giving yourself lots of self care time will definitely help you. I also love a good snuggle with the dogs and spending time watching my favorite shows.
Follow her here:

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Friday, February 3, 2017

My Dogs Think They're Human.....

If you feel like I do about my pets then you'll understand why I wrote this. I love these dogs like our kids because well they are (at least for now). The dogs mean everything to us and after a few years of trying situations with a few dogs, it never worked out for one reason or another. Not enough space, couldn't potty train after several attempts and aggression behavior issues- we then found our forever dogs. W technically didn't adopt them but have in the past and I 100% believe in "adopt don't shop" attitude if you can. That's to say sometimes I don't think it's a good fit with little ones and again, dogs who have previous behavioral issues. But we got lucky and they have over time turned into great little dogs.
These are all the reasons they think they're just like us in one way or another. They push their limits and can be so frustrating but we love them so much. It's been a funny wild ride- comment below if your dog, cat or other pet does things like this.
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My dogs think they're human because I want to dress them in baby clothes and they don't mind it. They want to be warm and cozy and I buy them often accessories like hats and scarves. Maggie doesn't mind it and Bouncer tends to hate it. They have had Christmas sweaters a couple times and rain jackets when it gets really cold and wet. Usually they like it when it helps keep them dry and comfortable. I taught them how to "dry off" and wipe themselves and their paws on a towel, so now I just saw towel and they know to get excited to dry off. It's very very cute!

My dogs think they're human because I love to talk to them like actual people. I tend to sometimes have full conversations with them. It might sound pretty weird but I'm truly friends with my pets.
Talking to them makes me feel like they are a part of my family and I treat them that way. Honestly, and I'm not crazy I think they could be reincarnated- maybe not from people I knew but I do often feel my old dogs spirit when they are near me and look at me the same way she did. It's uncanny. If you think I'm nuts- then whatever but it's happened a lot so I know I feel it.

My dogs think they're human because they sleep in our bed with us! We have a queen sized bed and they steal the covers. Most nights they kick us in the back and push me completely off in the middle of the night. But I love having them close and cuddling them like kiddos.

My dogs think they're human because they get baths, not only to keep them clean but the whole process is humanistic. I usually use warm water and lots of soap/bubbles. They get the biggest cushiest towels. They shake and get cuddled after being "wet and tortured" (ya know, its the worst thing ever!). I kiss and hug them and make sure they are fully dry-often by using the hairdryer which Bouncer thinks is a game and Maggie just gives in and gets a "fluff".

My dogs think they're human because  I buy them presents for the holidays and have celebrated their birthdays as well by making them puppy cookies from a recipe I found online. They get stockings at Christmas and we (try, although they hate it) to take them places if we go somewhere near by.

My dogs think they're human because they get to eat a few human foods. We don't condone a lot of snacks or treats besides dog ones. The only things they get rarely and by that I mean like 1-2x a month or so. They love eggs which is good for their coats, nails and eyes. And popcorn, sometimes they get a few morsels from us having some and I don't think those can hurt them. Not once have they choked or coughed or gotten sick from those things. We don't give them a lot of meat or ANY bones at all.

My dogs think they're human because they watch and communicate (bark/growl/tilt heads) at movies and pet shows. It the most adorable thing you've ever seen when a dachshund tilts its' head. I know they have their own little language and can talk back and forth. I don't think they always understand it all but they have feelings and an excellent sense of sensing others and that energy. Every year for major holidays or whenever they play the Eukanuba Dog Show, they just have full attention and love it! It's funny and we all vote on our favorites. Usually the small dogs/toy group wins our household over.

My dogs think they're human because they steal pillows and blankets and own whatever couch they may be laying on. It's theirs and they won't be moving without making a huge fuss. They have their own set of blankets that I wash and cycle through so they aren't lying on the same gross hairy smelly blanket. It's nice when I take it out of the dryer and wrap them up in it. Sleep is imminent. They know what the owl blanket and the pink blanket is, that one has a footie pouch that Bouncer particularly loves to cuddle in the bottom.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Goals and Intentions

If you've been around for awhile following me since The Petite Mrs blog or prior you'd know I love doing goals and intentions posts. It really one of my favorite posts to write because they motivate me through the month. I don't ever do perfectly on them and I check in often but I definetly get more accomplished when I know what expectations I put on myself. So for February these are some points I want to aim for, most are simple daily routine things I want to get on top of. The intentions at the bottom are my biggest priority.


  1. Read nightly/complete a book/review it
  2. Less time on phone, Sunday media free
  3. Talk to friends more
  4. Make more business connections
  5. Drink more water
  6. Write more in Instant Happy Journal
  7. Keep house neat
  8. Use planner weekly/daily
  9. Stop biting my nails 
  10. Get 2 VA clients (one mini successful-12/31/16)
  11. Get active/go to gym 2-3x weekly
  12. Keep blog successful 4x a week
  13. Organize online life/pictures/data/documents
  14. Use Fitbit regularly
  15. Use my resources available to me (how to's/planners/checklists etc) to set a plan for routine


A) Book review- Feisty and Fearless and You are a Badass
   -Read every night until You are a badass is complete, put status updates on Goodreads
   -review on Goodreads rate for other readers book 2 for yearly challenge
B) Get 2 VA clients and get testimonials from those clients to build brand
   -Promote the VA business in groups, on social media and through word of mouth and referrals
   -Create design for infographics for VA business
   -Try to gain one new small skill for services
C) Keep my blog successfully written 4x a week
   -Draft a week in advance ( I kept up but not ahead in Jan. )
   -Stay on top of Hootsuite and social media for my blog/VA
   -Vary topics weekly-pets, life, linkups and more!

I hope I can check most of these off the list and feel more accomplished overall in the new month of February. I'm hoping to get you to share your monthly goals as well. Leave any exciting ones below!

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