How I Met The Man of My Dreams

How I Met The Man of My Dreams

He and I met through my best friend Ashley (seen below) and now I see just how fate came into play, it was really good timing. 

One very rainy afternoon (when I was sick of seeing my ex around the dorms) I wanted to get out and have a girls day so she suggested that we get together and do something. Random adventure right? I think not.  Ashley asked if she could bring along Sean (who was our mutual friends ex at that time) and Ashley’s boyfriend was coming along too. We decided to go to Powell’s Books in downtown Portland. Ashley had to get a few things and I figured I could shop some or at least spend time getting to know Sean. I started to talking to Sean and we soon veered away from Ashley so we could have some privacy. Right after that, I decidedly told Ashley that I was interested in him. It was so quick but we had a lot in common and he made me laugh- that’s why I fell in love with him.

After we left Powell’s we wanted to grab a bite to eat before heading back to hang out. When we walked into McDonald’s I couldn’t think of anything except how bad (romantically) I wanted to be with Sean. I mean why not really, we had both just gotten broken up with/broke up with. So I accidentally blurted out how I wanted to ‘take him home and show him the time of his life’ or something like that. And just then, stupidly realized that I said it out loud and I turned bright red. I laughed my butt off  and then was thoroughly embarrassed. I know it was totally inappropriate and never ever did I speak like that before. We talked alone some and laughed like crazy over Ashley and Paul’s undisguised attempt to leave us alone for a smoke break. So then, after an offer of your place or mine, I decided to stay home after I knew I had school the next day. Which was honestly a huge bummer because I really just wanted to stay near him. 

If I had gone over that night sadly, I think it would have turned to a one night stand and I wouldn’t have wanted a real relationship. After all, I was ending another one at the same time. But a few days later, we did meet up so we could hang out and we talked all day long. After a day or so, I found myself falling faster than I ever have before, never wanting him to leave my side and talking all night until I dropped the phone from exhaustion. We were somehow immediately connected and I don’t know how that ever happened except fate. I think he is my true love from the very start despite what awful innuendos came out of my semi innocent mouth.   

We dated an excellent 9 months before I honestly knew he was “The One”. Both of us just knew it would be a ‘forever thing’. We both feel we saved each other from the doom that we wished to escape with each others’ help. I was no longer settling or finding the wrong type of guy. He was all I needed and had many more qualities that I was wanting in a partner. He became my safe place. Now I always say “he’s my safety, my trust, my one true love”. (And he’s lived up to it to this current day!)

On July 10th 2009, he proposed at a Starbucks outside over coffee and I said yes! As we told our parents, with some slight reservations they agreed and knew it’d happen sooner or later. So as we decided what to do with our lives, we discussed the Army and what great benefits it would have for us. Surprise again- it became a six week wedding! Only a month longer, we started planning our special day on Aug 10th. We planned on having the wedding September 10th 2009, but as it turned out they were busy that day and our wedding date September 19th 2009 happened by accident. The date was ideally perfect and I like to think that happened for a special reason too. 

Then we ended up moving to Gresham by Mt Hood CC, we decided to start attending church at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. After planning for six weeks: we had a cake from Fred Meyers, our colors were announced as Turquoise, White, Silver and Black. And we had the rings picked out from the jewelers, table decorations, bridesmaid dresses, flower-girl dresses and silk flowers made up our do-it-yourself decor. We handmade our invitations on my mother-in-laws computer and printed them all off at home. Target is where we chose to be registered for the wedding. The procession programs the morning of the wedding and my dress had finally gotten finished, along with getting all the men’s suits, shoes, slacks and ties in order. Everything was done! There was a guest book and light food would be provided afterwards potluck style. Everything had turned out just perfectly.

Our day arrived and we were married! It went accordingly to plan for the most part, (our cake melted and family was a mess). It was still and always will be the best day of my life! The day I chose to marry the man of my dreams and I continually choose him daily.

I miss my dad and wish he were there for our big day. It was amazing! Exactly how I had pictured the day all my life. Except different colors, but in the end I loved it and it was all I wished and hoped it’d be. I think Sean really loved how everything turned out as well. I’m thankful we had family to help out at that time as much as they did and upset that some didn’t help at all. It taught me you don’t have to have a million dollar wedding to be happy. Just to be married to the one you want to spend your life with- that’s all it’s about. Love. And fate…

Bloggy Brunch Week 4

Bloggy Brunch Week 4

Nothing too exciting happened this week besides finishing my Work With Me page. I put some really hard work into it and I’m thankful it came out well. I’m beta testing it now but I’ll be taking on a few clients in a week or so. I’m excited to start this new journey by helping you all help yourselves in the virtual assisting position.

2017 Reading List by Jessica at Wonder Forest blog. I’m really glad I saved this post for the books I want to read this year. She mentioned how she’s a slower reader and so am I, I was glad I’m not the only one. She’s one of my favorite bloggers and she’s a great blog designer (although I don’t think she is anymore) too. Check it out for yourself! I am looking forward to reading the Joanna Gaines book and Stolen Innocence
This is a new series by Pamela at Hodge Podge Moments called Moments that Matter. Another wonderful friend of mine shared this heartfelt post about timing and her hectic life. There is no such thing as “perfect timing”  is there? Time is a unilateral thing and it never goes as planned. Sure every 24 hours is the same but it’s also how you choose to use your time. It’s very important. This quote from the post is everything and I need to remind myself of it:  
You just have to master this equation: passion + determination + grace + support = success.”
I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did, it’s a good reminder to keep going and feel motivated. 


Currently: January

Currently: January

Today I’m bringing you an oldie but a goodie in the blogosphere. I’m sure you’ll recognize these. I used to write them monthly on my last blog if you followed me there. Sometimes it’s nice to check in mid month and see how everyone is doing. It’s just a post that floats around as an ongoing linkup to as a bunch of random questions and see what we are all into currently. I hope you’ll join up with me and share what your current favorites are. 

Currently: January

Eating: All the Hot Pockets. Not healthy I know honest but I’m stuck on them for some reason. I’m also a sucker for ice cream right now which I don’t often indulge in, so Haagen Dazs Dark Chocolate ice cream bars with almonds on the outside… mmmm been my little piece of heaven lately. 
Drinking: Coca cola, but I’m trying to down my water- I do much more water drinking at night 🙁 Still working on that habit. I’ve also really loved my Tazo teas so I’ve been drinking hot teas a lot when the weather has been terrible lately. 
Listening To: I’ve been back and forth with music, podcasts and audible books as well. It’s been keeping me busy! I’m loving I Do It With The Lights On by Whitney Way Thore I’ve listened for hours twice and almost done with it. I’m also waiting to read Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini.
Watching: Teen Mom 2, Crossing Jordan and The Real Housewives of…. (Beverly Hills) it’s pretty tacky and awesome! I’ve been enjoying all the entertainment that I’ve been taking in. I have TONS of recommendations if you need any. Or if you have any for me… leave them below! 
Reading: I’ve failed on the ‘reading’ front this month so far… but I’m still trying to read “You are a Badass” and finish it sometime soon. My plan was to read at night but my nights have turned into mornings and I haven’t made it a priority. 
Wish-Listing: A bigger bed (yes we just bought a queen) tempur pedic adjustable base bed BUT with the two dogs in the bed (Maggie hogs the bed, so so bad) and it’s NEVER enough room. I have a simple financial wish- SAVINGS, debt free and Travel. All things I want to make happen somehow this year. Let’s hope! 
Thinking About: How much I should read, journal and be productive all over. So I started with this blog post. Yay! 
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5 lttle things that drive me crazy

5 lttle things that drive me crazy

Everyone has pet peeves and some people let it get to them- I personally try to not let it get to me too much. However, I do want express some displeasure with these points below. Everyone has their pit-falls or viewpoints/stance on things, these are mine. I have experienced them all and I’m sure you have too… The little things people in our society do that rub you the wrong way. Things people do that make you wanna shout at them-but you don’t because you don’t wanna go to anger management. These are the ones that irk me like no other and I can’t stand about and just whine. So I’m writing them down in hope someone can relate and express their (ahem anger) feelings with me as well.


If you are running late have the kind decency to text me, call me or send a carrier pigeon to let me know. So I’m not wasting all day waiting with a (cold) hot coffee in a Starbucks nowhere near where I live to come ‘meet you’. When we make plans-do not cancel the same hour we are supposed to be hanging out or doing something together. Should you need to cancel, please have a good reason and tell me at your earliest convenience (also so I’m not waiting for you to not show up). Don’t be late to be somewhere when you’re expected to, it’s not polite.


Having a dog is a big responsibility (what you’re parents probably said) and it’s true after the cuteness wears off. And side note: if you don’t have money and time to care for a pet, you don’t have any reason getting one. It’s a living thing and deserves being treated as such: like it matters to you. If I find your dog poop on the staircase, on the lawn, in  the middle of the sidewalk or near my door step- I will just lose it on you. It’s not cool and should be against city codes (it actually is, just not enforced by officers). I’m sick of seeing people not take care of their pets and all that comes with it. You should get a fine if you’re so careless and don’t have any respect for others and property. Just thoroughly annoys me is all- I can’t stand it.


Since when does it take you a million years literally to check out my items? Do you have to tell me your entire life story? The one about how you lived in NE and had a job waiting tables in a small cafe outside the city. Until you found out your were pregnant with TWINS and then they came early! So your mother in law moved in to live with you and you married a prince and lived happily ever after… It’s not anything personal, honestly. But I’d like to just get in and out and not listen to your very long, sad story. (This shouldn’t be taken out of context. I love talking to some clerks and cashiers but I get this one gal EVERY TIME I’m at Target and she talks for an hour, fiddling with my things… let me leave.)


I don’t appreciate rude people on the phone, or in the restaurant  industry. I dislike bad service with crappy attitudes and not getting the food and bringing the food quickly and then ignoring our table. I will NOT tip you if you do not put any effort in. I’m not here to pay you- but I’ll reward you with extra if you’ve earned it. I absolutely do not like it when I have arguments with the “bills and telemarketing” people. Please just be kind and listen to my problem and if I ask for a manager- GET me a manager promptly.


Everyone assumes from time to time-it’s a misunderstanding that we all occasionally do. But if you always assume what others are thinking then you have no idea when things are wrong. And it’s wrong because then you’re totally misinterpreting their intentions. It also kinda makes you look rude and like people can’t trust you. Plus it makes an (ass) out of (u) and (me)… ya know the “other golden rule”?
Well I hope you enjoyed my little mini rant if it was just that-I don’t know. Not entirely what I intended but it is what it is. I’m not gonna apologize for having certain few things that really bug me. 
What are your pet peeves? The ones you cannot stand to watch or experience. Those ONES! Tell me all about it below and if you’ve written a post lately- drop a link below. 
 Thank you as always- love and appreciate each of you! 

Bloggy Brunch Week 3

Bloggy Brunch Week 3

Welcome back! 

Well this week was a weird one, wasn’t it? It was Friday the 13th and I don’t know about you but this week was stressful for everyone I think. Especially with Obama coming out of office-it was a rough one America. I have a lot of things to get done and I feel like I’m running in overdrive. The PNW was in a snow storm of the century this week and it’s been madness for everyone in the Portland/Vancouver metro area. Of course where we are near Mt Hood, we got near nothing- which kinda stunk. I hope your week was happy and productive and of course safe if you are here or near tons of snow. Be careful and please either don’t leave if you don’t have to or drive slow and cautiously. Onto the post….

Burke Does: 2017 Word of the Year-FOCUS
I love this blog and Emilie so much! We are actually quite alike and we often share each others posts. I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from her blog and I really love it! I chose this entry partially because my word of the year 2016 was also FOCUS. It’s funny how people depict the word of the year in their own ways. She talks about all her goals and things she wants to achieve this year and it couldn’t give me a positive attitude anymore than it is! A lot of the points she made to work on this year- I also am working on doing in my own life so maybe I’ll have a new #goalsbuddy.

Trendy and Tidy: How to keep track of tidying your home + free printable  
I thought this was just genius. She created a printable and then also tacked it up and laminated it so it is constantly getting used and never forgetting a task or area to be cleaned. Using a dry erase marker makes this printable invaluable! I never thought of this and I’m definitely following her lead on it.. A deep cleaning day is coming up in my house and you know I’ll be using this one.

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