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Here’s the questions she provided for this month.I’ll be writing as much as I can in great detail for myself and to be clear in explaining to you what I did or did not do and everything I’m hoping to accomplish in the future. 

  • What goals did you accomplish in 2016?
I was decently consistent and if anything I realized how important that is for a blogger. After checking my numbers off and on, you can clearly see and notice follows and engagement alone based on consistency of posts. People get bored and confused waiting and checking to see if you have a post out or not. If you aren’t on a schedule of some kind- they will never know what to expect and when. I was clear this year starting off saying 3-4 times a week (maybe more?) is the precedent set here this year. These are easy tasks for me to accomplish, 3 great solid posts plus a linkup at the end of the week. Our linkup goes live on every Sunday (Bloggy Brunch) and if you’re curious, please come link your favorite past or present post with us.  
  • Do you set New Year’s resolutions? Why or why not?
I didn’t set any resolutions. I think the second you call something a resolution then it probably wont happen or be brought to fruition. I can call them goals or intentions (see this post) and be successful by them and true to myself. I have a lot of things I want to follow through with and make happen this year. I have a lot to achieve so hold on tight for the new ride that will be 2017.

  • How do you work for what you want?
I try to work hard and steady. I tend to give up and quit too easily but I’m aware of that now and don’t want to do that anymore. Otherwise my dreams won’t come true if i keep kidding myself. I want to make a schedule and meet my goals. And not let myself fall by the wayside in the meantime. By creating small goals and attaining each step as it comes. It’s the best thing to do! 

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself having lots of growth and thriving in most areas of my life. I want to have our home life, routine and budget in a better place. We have a lot to do in 5 years time- which can pass very quickly. We need to get a professional budget planner and we are wanting to do that sooner than later. I hope we can be close to getting a home of our own or owning a rental property. My marriage is a goal of mine, to be stronger and more in tune. We are at a good place for being seven years later but being more connected is always good. I just want to be happy, healthy and blessed. Which I know I will be. 
This was a very deep helpful questionnaire by Belle Brita blog and I felt great about answering these questions. 
Getting to Know You | Belle Brita

5 ways to take care of yourself during your period

Take Baths

I love taking hot baths when I feel completely bloated and have bad cramps. It immediately relaxes all my sore, achy muscles and loosens my back. Plus if you add some Epsom salts it makes the bath even more enjoyable for the same reasons. And it smells good too. Put on some music in the background or read a bit and just chill out. 
Avoid soda, drink water or tea instead
Okay this is a hard one for me but I try really hard to cut back when I know i’m hurting. For one the sugar just sits in your gut and makes you feel more yucky and can create more bloating and make you gassy. I really like trying new teas or making new combinations with chilled water, fruit and herbs. Even just using new flavors of water enhancers-if I have them on hand. Also just by changing my hot tea to ice tea can be enough to switch things up. I’m normally a bad water drinker. And for two, soda can make your cramps WORSE. I’m not sure entirely how but gas again could be the culprit of this one, I know I read it somewhere! 
I cannot usually relax unless I have my heat pack on my lower abdominal area or to the side where I have the most pain. My number thing that ruins my day is CRAMPS. So I have to find ways to calm my body or avoid them altogether. And heat is my magic little lesson. I can still be pretty productive or so this point wouldn’t be made. (Currently in this exact situation) I’m happy when I can just watch a show, sit on my phone, cuddle my dogs and lay with the heat for awhile. Usually that makes it easier to move around and get on with my tasks. Sometimes if I feel up to it I do the house chores with a heating pack around my waist and music on. That way I knock out all three: less stress/entertainment, exercise and heat. A perfect storm! 
I’ve learned that it’s probably best to move especially when you don’t want to. Getting to the gym for a walk or jog, doing some at home yoga or Pilates just might be the icing on your cake and alleviate most of that pain and pressure you feel from Mrs. Time of the Month. I haven’t taken my own advice much but sometimes walking through the store is enough to make mine fade away and take my mind off the tenderness and aches that are my body in the moment. 
Pain Relievers: Advil or Aleve 
I take mine just as soon as I feel pain. Usually you can expect your worst days if you know your cycle. Or if you can track it. I however am currently on Mirena birth control and like many others I don’t actually have a period. However the cramps and bloating wanted to stick around regardless. Thanks. So that’s why the heat to me is so important. I can take an Aleve or two and a heat pack, watch a 30 minute show and then feel all better. I prefer Aleve- I can take it on an empty stomach and not feel sick. However still drink lots of water with it! And I think personally it works really fast. 
I hope these tips helped you somehow. If not right now then sometime in the near future maybe. It’s pretty obvious to some but maybe you are just a helpless type when Mother Nature rears her ugly head. And for that I don’t blame you, I get cranky too. This way you can at least stay on top of your life and get through it in one piece.

Bloggy Brunch Week 5

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about how this year is gonna go and I’m choosing to be positive which isn’t something I do very easily normally. So for me, it’s a big step and I’m quite proud of myself. We’ve been hearing lots about Trump and his plans. Without starting a big politics fiasco, it’s a lot to take in and deal with. Whether you like him or not, things are going to change and like I said before that’s hard for me. I’m quite pleased with how calm I’ve been this first month of 2017 when things have just been very tense and high strung. I have this space here to vent, write and do what I enjoy most, it’s relaxing to me. Let’s get on with my featured post(s) for last week.

I really liked this post because I need a new budgeting system and I have heard a lot about the envelope way. We aren’t very good with our money and budget so I should try this. I have been pinning lots of budget related pins lately so I’m gonna work on this saving versus spending in the coming months.


I really related to overwhelm and burnout so I really liked this post. The way she describes falling behind and feeling overwhelmed is exactly how I when I have copious amounts of work to do. This is a great post about how to fight through making your hobby/passion last. One of my goals this year was to work on the process of everything, slowing down and taking time for each step of getting something done and accomplished.

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Happy Friday

 This linkup is one I took part in on my old blog and I often did for the past few years. I really enjoy it and it helps me to be positive about my week. I wanted to share it with you in hopes you’ll link up and find new blogs you like two. I love these gals!

1. You Tube videos
2. Blogging
3. KEURIG donut shop pods!
4. Instant Happy Journal
5. Brainstorming
6. Vaping-I got a new mod! It’s PINK!
7. Reconnecting with old friends from Vancouver
8. wavy curly messy hair
9. Netflix binges 
10. FIRST sponsored post coming in March* YAY!

I’ve been watching a boat load of YouTube videos lately and I’m very very excited about it, I follow a lot of great lifestyle and beauty videos so I’ve been spending lots of time watching/listening while I work (like right now).
Blogging has obviously been huge to me lately. I’m staying on top of it and have ONLY missed one or two posts this month. I’m really, really doing well on my goals as far as that goes.
Our roommate got a Keurig- here’s a short story: Husband never cared for Keurig, didn’t understand the hype I guess, thought it was too expensive etc. But then- he tried it. And his mind was changed! We went to the store and got a variety and now we are going to try to cut our soda with coffee and tea and of course more water intake. I’m so excited-I have some favorites!
I’m using my Instant Happy Journal daily and I was behind at one point so I’m trying to get caught up with it and enjoy each prompt. I really love this style of journal writing and would  highly recommend this for any new writers out there.
Brainstorming new posts and things for friends online has become more easy so I’m excited to start my new Virtual Assistant services. And I hope to help you all start or continue with your blog or business.
I got a new vape mod and it’s PINK. I use it for stress and I’m not an avid ‘smoker’. (Judgement free zone) I chose a Midori Sour e-juice and I’m really liking it a lot,
Lately I’ve been reconnecting with old friends and people I knew years ago. It’s neat to know we are all in different spaces in our lives and can come back together after so long.
My hair is really fun to wear wavy and curly with my unicorn (grey, purple and teal) hair. I have been using my straightener to make waves in my hair and I’m enjoying it. I also have CurlFormers and I really enjoy them too.
Netflix marathons are a REAL THING lately, I’ve been watching a lot of new shows and bouncing around between them. When calls the heart, Crossing Jordan and lots of crime documentaries.
I have an opportunity to do my first ever sponsored post in March, I’m very excited and looking forward to it.
Thank you so much for linking up and reading this post!

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20 Things To Do Instead of Sitting on Social Media

Now we’ve seen these posts everywhere right and they’re somehow all different. One is geared towards being totally disconnected, one for being productive, spending more time with your kids and so on. This is a generalized one. So that is you’re any kind of person this can be a useful list of ways to get off the social media frenzy for at least 30 mins. It’s not entirely healthy to just sit and waste all your days on social media and it’s not good on your self esteem usually either. Which makes me a hypocrite because I’m always on social media but hey, we always need a break. So I’m taking my own advice and I’ll be applying these tips too!

2. READ A BOOK, NEWSPAPER OR BLOGS (better yet, my blog)
3. DRAW OR ADULT COLOR (color with your kids!)
7. JOURNAL OR WRITE SOMETHING (letter, poem, free write, story, play etc)
13. DOWNLOAD NEW MUSIC (Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music etc)
18. PLAY WITH YOUR PET, OR ADOPT A NEW ONE (adopt don’t shop!)
20. TAKE NEW PICTURES (for your social media)

BONUS: Go a whole day without updating, checking or posting. See if you’re strong willed enough to do it. (I’m going to attempt it too, PROMISE! Then that will be an upcoming post.)

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reflect on what “real life” is. And I have a hard time with it because I’ve become so entrenched into social media and putting so much weight on it. I love to connect with you as friends, clients and just souls meeting for the first time and social media let’s us all do that. But it’s not the only way, so if you ever wanna email or send me snail mail just gimme a heads up and I’m all for it!
I hope these pointers for avoiding or taking time away from social media will help you stand alone and reflect on what other things you enjoy doing in life. Take every morning by the horns- each day is unique and genuinely all your own.

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