Bloggy Brunch Week 16

Sunday, April 16, 2017

This week Justin has come to visit us from Kansas and it's been so fantastic. We were off on a running start by getting a car dash/radio and a GPS put into our new used car. We love our Subaru and it has stood up to go everywhere we need to on a little amount of gas. We took him to the mall and had a fun shopping day and a lunch of sushi. We went out to eat a few times in the beginning because we didn't have any food yet. The next day we went grocery shopping at Costco which was a fun crazy trip complete with Costco sausage dogs and soda sitting in the car. We spent Easter with family at the in laws house and that was a lot of fun. I think having Justin there in the middle was the nice part.Afterwards to wind down we went to Dave and Busters where I saw my sisters niece Delaney. It was unexpectedly nice to run into her as I haven't seen her in years since she was about 12, she's now 21! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!

I love this article about having some helpful morning habits. Getting up and taking some proper time to slowly becom conscious and make good choices is a great start to everyone's day. Having a routine is a great thing to start (if you don't already have one) I started simply by changing my sleep schedule and waking up earlier and going to bed earlier, hours difference. I have more energy and feel much more well rested. My moods and daily behavior have improved by making a few changes. I now enjoy a cup of coffee, I journal and if I want to I will take time to do my makeup and choose an outfit. It has completely changed how I handle and tackle the day. 

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Bloggy Brunch Week 15

Sunday, April 9, 2017

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  Tonight I am frazzled because our friend just came into town and I'm having so much fun already having him here with us. He's from Kansas and he is enjoying a nice long two week vacation with us while none of us are busy. Like a late Spring Break for all of us.
I was really excited to get going with my new Panda Planner so that's a plan I have with Raewyn today from SSI. She did a FB live on how she uses her Panda planner and how she can write her days and weeks and month out to be the most productive she can be. I'm to become as good at productivity and time management as I can be. I got a larger computer screen recently so I can now double task and I can clearly do two things at once. Lately I really slacked with blogging and that makes me sad, so let me know how you find inspiration? 

I really wanted to spotlight a couple of peoples posts for this week. It was a busy time to be a blogger. Krysten explains why we should binge 13 reasons why on Netflix and how mental health and our sympathy is necessary in this day and age. She's one of my favorite bloggers so you should check her out if you haven't yet. 
Anna talks about 5 things she changed to make her blog grow how it changed her outlook on her blog biz. I'm definetly going to apply some of these points a little more than I have been. 
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I hope you find these links from last week fun and useful. I'm glad I could get this post up on time and it means the world to me if you're still hanging around. I enjoy this place and the wonderful community I get to be surrounded by. 

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Three Things Thursday

Thursday, April 6, 2017

1. So this Saturday we are hosting our good friend Justin from Kansas again, to stay and hang out in Oregon for two weeks. It was a blast last year and we got to show him a lot of great sights and activities. He came to Oregon in June last year and they celebrated their birthdays together a day apart. Sean 'met' Justin while playing an online game for years and they started a kindred friendship. We really enjoy having him here with us and we like taking him to places he's never seen before and exploring around Portland. So we went to the zoo, a famous fun drag show and went to a lot of fun entertaining neighborhoods and nice places to eat as well. He was only here for a week last time so we doubled it this year. We're all excited to have him here to do all kinds of fun things and just be here as an escape from Kansas for awhile. I can't wait!

2. We got a NEW used SUV! If you don't follow me on Snapchat (@noraspaulding) or twitter (@nora_spaulding_). Sean has been searching and browse shopping around for a Subaru and we got lucky while we saw three available Foresters and got a deal on the price. Speaking of new things as well; honorable mention to my LuLaRoe-LLR collection that is growing by a Carly, a classic tee and another pair of leggings and .... maybe another Irma! If you haven't checked them out and are curious this gal is my unicorn and i love her. I love these comfortable clothes, I'm happy I know them! I got a new computer as well- it's a 23.9 inch screen so it's nice to have a big field of view again. It's another HP all in one and I would HIGHLY recommend them- great machines! I feel so much more productive that I can double task.

3. A few other bits and pieces I'm going to tell you about is: my favorite new Netflix TV shows I'm watching is Life in Pieces, Jo Koy Live in Seattle, (still loving) Hawaii Five O, and now 13 reasons why is coming out so I'm stoked! We got a new HD Smart TV and I'm glad to have a tv back in the living room. I've been watching a lot more TV than I have been but I had a bunch of DVR shows saved up so of those I'm watching: Teen Mom 2, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Greys Anatomy, Long Island Medium, Long Lost Family and can't wait to see Real Life Live on TLC April 23rd at 9pm? It looks like a really cool show.

I hope you all have a great weekend and tell me what exciting things you are up to. We just switched cable companies so I'll be watching and recording lots of TV series and movies!

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